Mar 1, 2012

Keep walking towards the fire, Andrew...

In Memorian.
Andrew Breibart 1969-2012

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Here I am, getting back at blogging, while trying to type my thoughts about someone I've never met, but whose Twitter account would get me dizzy cause I always had to decipher his own updates from the RT's of the hate spewed towards him by the left militia online.

That was him; wearing all the liberals' hate as a badge of honor in this battle where he was always fearless. It is disgusting to read "tolerant left" the attacks against him and his family. Breibart left behind a wife and four children.

When I saw the breaking news during my early work shift this morning, Billy Joel's lyrics "only the good die young" inmediately came to mind. (I texted a good friend and fellow blogger asking her if today's was some sort of fools's day, cause I couldn't believe it. She is, as I am, a great admirer of Breibart)

Then memories started to roll in my head, from my first encounters with Breibart's investigative journalism, with the launch of Big's online conservative news outlets, uncovering ACORN scandals during the 2008 presidential elections, busting out Rep. Weiner, exposing the federal government back deals, the OWS hipocrisy, and many more.

As an investigative reporter myself (despite now on a different trade), still remembering my own battles to stand for my views regarding bias and fairness in J-School, I would see Breibart's work to expose corruption and the blatant bias in the mainstream media. His main goal, as I gathered early own from his work, was to explose the "liberally-biased" media to force them to cover stories fairly and including all angles, while trying to open the eyes of all Americans towards what it is going on in our country.

Often I would catch myselg thinking: what if this man would be teaching new journalists and reporters. I would watch videos of him answering to his haters, passionate and fearless, addressing every body sin pelos en la lengua (saying it as it is) and I would think; what if we had a man like this one in Cuba, fighting Castro's censorship and gov't control of the media.

Common sense Americans, from all walk of life and all sides on the political spectrum have lost today one of their best (happiest and fearless warrior), even though many of them still don't know it or would never admit it.

Journalists and reporters currently on the job, those like me working on different venues and aspiring journalists and reporters have lost one of a kind role model. The Samuel Adams of our times, a person who clearly knew that our freedom it is always a generation away of being lost, if we do not fight for it.

Here is Pat Dollard's take on his friend death.
Here is Andrew Breibart recent speech at CPAC 2012; AMAZING!
Here is the trailer of the upcoming documentary "Hating Breibart"

Personally, for me he was a professional role model and a paradigm of the conservative values we both shared. He was an inspiration for that phrase you can read on the right side of this blog; I lived 27 years of my life muzzled down, I will shut up no more!

Bon Voyage, maestro. 

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