May 29, 2007

Me, BN

Me, BN (before Nicolás).
Seven months ago, after having my 9 pounds 10 ounces papichulo (who also was 21.5 inches long) I decided I would not have my picture taken again.
At least, until I can look closer to this picture, that MDH took me on October 2005, walking in downtown Denver.
I'm planning to reach that goal --or, at least, get pretty close to it. I'll let everyone know and post another pic when I get there...

Graduating in "la moda de los blogs"

Thanks to my dear friend Nydia, who gave me the idea of start an online blog, for my Nicolás to read when he is able to, I spent a couple or hours this Memorial Weekend setting up my estreno en el mundo de los blogs.

I write on a daily basis. It's my job, since I'm a reporter and copy editor. So, I thought, why not writing for the benefit of my kiddo too? Lack of time to follow up this blog on time it's an already anticipated problem, though.

But I'll give it a try; even when I know that some days I'll be soooooo sick and tired of the computer, that I'll just take a look at my chubby son and use his playtime as the perfect excuse.

Let's just hope this high-tech stuff of blogging will really help me to make a reality of that idea I've been cooking since I first found out I was pregnant: working in the álbum de fotos de mi hijo, to tell him his story, along with our family stories and whole world - mostly political, I know that for a fact- in between.

He is now seven months old, and two days ago I bought a prepackaged Winnie The Pooh album, to start setting up his first pictures, important dates and all those things that one usually write in those albums.

I know that I am a lousy scrap-booker. However, I will still give it a try.
Both the blog and the scrapbook.