Jan 29, 2010

Venezuela: students protest against socialism

Despite the MSM silence on what's going on in Venezuela, for the past several days, students in Caracas has taken the streets to march against socialism. Yes, against socialism.

With no weapons and sporting signs that read "Students without weapons", they have been marching for libertad - the freedom that Monkey Chavez socialist power grab has been taking away from Venezuelans, at the same time that sinks in misery and failed economic policies what once was one of the richest countries in Latin American.

See the story in images here, via Noticias24:

 LIBERTAD (Freedom), that what says in this girl's arm.

"Students without weapons"

The National Guard sporting chains with hooks to repress the students protests, as published in the Venezuelan newspaper "El Nacional".

For more information on the marches, check George's coverage at The Real Cuba.

The "in-your-shoes" reflection is a must.

Sould we, in America, learn from young and un-armed students? Probably. Not taking freedom for granted is always a good idea. The minute one fall asleep, a commie wanna be will try to rise to take it away from you.

In the worst case scenario, will something similar happen in our universities. I, honestly, highly doubt it. The majority of the universities in the United States have become campuses for marxist and leftist indoctrination.

Just look at the resumen of the "historian" that recently died.

Jan 28, 2010

POTUS delivers SOTU with the usual TOTUS

Humm, Humm, Humm...

I have to confess that I DID try to fullfill my civil duty by reading the full text of Obama's State of the Union address... but the minute I reached this phrase, hell froze over:

"And tonight, I would like to talk how together, we can deliver on that promise."

[Clear throat] Ejem... Mr. President, this country needs commonsense solutions to its problems, no more promises. It's been a year and this guy is still in full campaign mode - unreal!

[And it was a capella, you know, no Greek columns or anything like that. Just surrounded my Madam Nancy "Botox Prevents Me From Blinking" Pelosi and Joe "Coming Late for Malcom Bridge Awards" Biden... that's not fair!]

In a New York minute, I stopped reading. (I know, I missed the unprecedent disrespect towards the Supreme Court, which also proves that Barak Hussein Obama is nothing but a demagogue)

AP already fact-checked the speech and came to the conclusion that Obama is a "hatched" liar. Manipulative like there is nobody else; although I think that is a job description requirement for most politicians.

75 minutes for a speech?!
C'mon... was he channeling (c)astro's with his hours long speeches or what?

The best part of the night was Bob McDonnel's response.

However, there were pretty tied runner-ups:

Justice Alito "You Lie" moment.

Dirty Harry Reid's sleep deprivation - man, you need to work those cornhusker deals at earlier hours!

Janet Napolitano "slept at homeland security" on camera, in Congress

McCain "blame it on Bush" slap against POTUS

(For Michelle Malkin's live blogging of SOTUS, go here)

And, to add insult to injury, about one hour after his speech, through his propaganda arm - Organizing for American - Obama sent out a letter to supporters asking for... money!  I wonder if he was hypnotized during inauguration day and that's why he doesn't remember he is already president?

All this makes me think I was right by not wasting one hour and fifteen minutes of my evening in a (c)astro wannabe, reloaded a little bit North.

If Obama would have included other talking points in his SOTUS, well, that would have been too much to ask for... I think I'm being delusional, so I am going to sleep!

We'll have, for sure,  a couple of weeks of MSM verborrage about POTUS, SOTUS and his imprescindible TOTUS...

Jan 27, 2010

Cuba: a catastrophe in the making

There is actually no need for me to ellaborate on the details of this article from Kenneth A Chandler, published in The New York Post. 

Yes, that was the depressing and sad reality that I saw about eight months ago, when I had to go back there for three weeks due to my father's heart attacks.
"Much has been written about Haiti being a failed state in the wake of its devastating earthquake. But just to its west lies another human catastrophe in the making -- Fidel Castro's Cuba. Havana is a city of sorrow -- a once elegant and prosperous capital brought to despair by 51 years of deliberate neglect and isolation."
That's what I saw when I went back to Cuba. That's what made question everything, from very own existence, the dynamics with my parents - who lived Cuba before Castro -  and even the purpose of writing this blog.

What for?, I asked myself.

I saw young people repeating the anti-American rethoric they have been feed since they are born, but longing the material posesions that arrive from that same evil empire.

I saw faces of dispair, sadness, hunger, resignation, lost hope.
I saw broken souls.

And outside the sight of my relatives, many times I cried when I realized the Cuban people has been broken by 50 years of communist dictatorship. The worse part is that they don't know that - one can only realize it when you have left the gulag.

Even if change arrives tomorrow, most Cubans wouldn't have the slightest idea of what to do with it.

We will need another 50 years to change that mindset, and to rescue the broken souls of three generations born and raised under that monstruosity.

Fidel Castro's Legacy to the Cuban People

Originally in Spanish and posted by el maestro Alfredo Pong in his blog Cuba Humor. Pass in on. The world needs to know Cuba's reality during the past 50 years. And they need to know about the unsurmountable damage that will need to be undone by future generations of Cubans, after the dictator dissapear from the face of Earth.

Fidel Castro's Legacy to the Cuban People
By Marzo Fernandez
Free translation by Cubanita

According to all predictions, 2010 will be the year when Fidel Castro will physically cease to exist. Even the babalawos "here and there" agree that it is this year when huge changes will take place in our beloved homeland. That's why we have come up with a summary of what the Cuban people will inherit from the dictator:

1.-One of the richest rulers of the world. The 5th richest one, according to Forbes Magazine.

2.-A nation paralized in time and closed to the rest of the world, where listening to or watching a foreign radio or TV station, reading a (foreign) magazine or having access to the Internet could mean long jail terms.

3.-The country with the world's highest emigration rate (even above Mexicans): more than 23% of the Cuban population lives abroad, the only country that forbids individuals awarded with international recognitions from traveling abroad, and even prohibits them from returning to the country where they were born. And to travel internally, inside the island, official authorizations are required.

4.-One of the world's highest suicide rates, second to the world's top, Japon, with 42 suicides per 100,000.
5.-The highest divorce rate in the geographical area: 65 % of marriages are dissolved within the first two years.

6.-Serious problems with Cuban's national identity: more than 3 million Cubans have requested the Spanish citizenship (via family lineage) and nearly half million have requested visas to emigrate to the United States.

7.-One of the world's larger prison populations: nearly 300,000 inmates, out of a population of 11.2 million. And also the highest rates of executions in the firing squad: more than 5,000, a number that has been properly verified in the last 50 years.

8.-Serious racial disparities: only 6% of the country's leadership are Blacks, in a country where more than 60% of the population are Blacks or racially mixed. However, 80 % of Cuba's inmates are Blacks under the age of 40. In Cuban universities, only 22% of students are Blacks.

9.-A huge level of corruption that has taken to jail and to the firing squad higher ups such as generals and public officials from ministries, under charges of grand theft, drug trafficking and more. Even the elites from the PolitBuro have been involved in common crimes such as theft, embezzlement, influences peddling, etc.

10.-Cuba has become a fiscal paradise for all sort of capitals from questionable sources, money laundering and to support, protect and export international terrorrism, and such as is the country being considered now. Swiss banks have been penalized twice for money laundering of dollars originated in Cuba. And let's not forget that in the sixties, Castro placed Cuba in the brink of a nuclear holocaust with his policies of inconditional support to terrorrist movements all over the world.

11.-The military missions in more than 10 countries, where the lives of 30,000 young Cuban men were senseless sacrificed; more than 76% of those young soldiers (on mandatory draft) were Black.

12.-The only country of the world where being in posession of a copy of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights is a crime punished with jail time, where dissent and disagreement with the goverment's policies is a crime considered as treason, persecuted them all by the state's secret police. A country where repression is live and well in all sectors of the socio-economic life. 

13.-The country with the highest per-capita external debt of the world, totaling nearly 40 billion dollars: each Cuban that is born, does so assuming a per capita debt of $4,000. - Some context here: the average monthly salary is 25 dollars

14.-The longest and most cruel rationing (system) that ever existesd in any country in times of peace. Almost 50 years of submission to a tight food control. Within the last 50 years, Cuban's height has decreased an average of 10 centimeters. Only in 1993, due to the crisis caused by the extintion of the former Soviet Union, the body mass of Cubans older than 18 decreased an average of 15 lbs. In this (phenomenon) also played a role the 3 million of bycicles imported from China that came to substitute the (ruined) public transportation infraestructure.

15.-The inability to provide the basic needs of the population, such as clothing, food, and shelter (and I personally would like to add running water)

16.-The housing shortage, made public by the Cuban government itself, is more than one million units. Sixty percent of the capital's housing units are considered inhabitable, due to the lack of proper maintenance and repairs.

17.-The sugar industry, once the staple of the nation, along with the cattle industry, are both in the brink of extintion.
18.-A road's infraestructure that is in a critical stage of destruction. Recently, Homero Crab, director of roads from the Construction Ministry, publicly recognized that 70% of the country's bridges are irreparable, that 60% of Cuban roads need major repairs, and that 55% of rural roads have irreversible damages. Not long ago, he also said that more than 50% of the running water that is distributed to the population ends up lost in leaks.

19.-A cruel "apartheid" system that limited regular Cuban's access to tourist and recreational instalations, even if they tried to access them accompanied by relatives who residing in a foreign country. Even in that case (the regular Cuban) was discriminated against. - I had several personal experiences with this in the past . This policy was officially changed in 2004, but again the access became unaffordable for the regular citizen. Remember, $25.00 a month.

20.-Irreversible damages to ecosystems and the enviroment, due to the lack of priority given to the conservation of national resources. Cuban rivers and bays have been rated as highly contaminated by international organizations. Soil salinity and deforestation are creating serious problems in the agriculture.

21. Last January, the goverment recognized that more than 50% of the country's productive land is not being cultivated; a country that, in the last three years, has imported more than 2 billion dollars in food from the United States. On top of that, the marine's faunas in the island's platform is practically extinted, due to uncontrolled fishing and explotation.

22.-From having a Cuban peso equal to a dollar in 1959 (1 peso=1 dollar), we inherited the socialist peso, the convertible peso, a currency that has not buying power whatsoever and that you can not exchange it anywhere in the world.

The most importante legacy of the dictator:

The total prohibition of political parties, of free elections, of access to mainstream media, of the right to organize, of free expression, of traveling freeling, of private property, of having a judicial system that truly defends the individual rights of Cuban citizens.

As I always say, Castro never confiscated or nationalized anything. He privatized everything under his name and stole our homeland, CUBA.

Jan 26, 2010

The Revolutionary Holocaust - never, ever again!

The Glenn Beck's documentary that premiered last Friday in Fox News Channel, as you may know by now, is a MUST for every freedom loving individual on earth.

But specially so, for those of us who have seen, lived and suffered the castrocommunist repression or, like in my case, grown up with our brains washed over and over with the lies beneath the international image of The Butcher of La Cabaña, aka, Che Guevara.

Here are, for your enlightment, some of the clips:

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4: Here, with our very own - and preferred author - Humberto Fontova:

Part 5: Warning: the real legacy of Che Guevara lies, printed with Cuban blood, in the wall at La Cabaña...

Part 6

Not long ago, I happened to be in the middle of a conversation with a friend when a third person came in and said, originally in Spanish, something along these lines: "I am profoundly communist. Deep in my heart, I am a communist. I believe in communism, but I know you have to %$#& a lot of people along that way."

I had only one question for her: "Are you willing to be the first one to be %$^&-ed? Or you want that destiny for others but not for yourself."

Then, I left the premises.

My own personal experience and investment in this story prevent me for ellaborating on more details. It is, simply put, too painful.

But there is one final thought that I always like to share when talking about the evil of communism that has been hanging up the heads of every single American for quite a while now:

The end never justifies the means. Never, ever, ever.

Call me paranoid if you want - I could care less anyway ;-). But the bigger the government, the bigger the chances the silent masses get convinced that, indeed, the end DOES justifies the means.

Give me an imperfect future and a broken end, and I will deal with it. But my soul will never bend for the communist means. Never, ever.

PS - Homework:
Che Reeducation Program - the sadist murder is dead. GET. OVER. IT!
A love story written with blood - "The Lost City"
Imported communist repression - "The lives of others"

Jan 22, 2010

Quick backyard round-up

What's up, Colorado, after The Massachussets Miracle?!

We, The People, - of Colorado - also had our modest take in Scot Brown's victory in Mass. From small donations, to volunteers going to Boston to countless grassroot activists working online, Coloradans joined Americans from all over the country to send a message to the current administration: we are up against corruption, and we're gonna take our country back.

Michael "Miguelito" Bennet, you are next. There is not enough amount of back-and-forth, flip-flopping and fake hara-kiri that could make you look better in our eyes.

Besides, I personally dislike your mass emails trying to convince me that the goverment power grab of our health care is the 8th wonder of the world, when I have personally emailed you that I DON'T LIKE THAT IDEA!

In our own governor's race, Dan Maes, the Republican candidate endorsed by The Tea Party Movement and the 9/12 project, is leading Republican Scott McInnis in the polls.

Maes was also endorsed by the non partisan Independence Caucus (iCaucus), while McInnis declined to participate in the organization's vetting process.

PPC has a balanced pros & cons on Maes, which to my eyes, makes him looks a lot like Scott Brown - I know, the unavoidable comparison: a commonsense guy, conservative on fiscal issues and moderate on social issues. I'd have to say that I echo the doubts and need to learn more about him. Or we could choose the easy way, and just pick the guy that has the best six-pack ;-)

In real life, however, anything would be better that the band of radical left and socialistoids Democrats and Obama's sycophants we currently have in office.

In this case, I personally side with the indies in Colorado: I also “want the Democrats out of (my) pockets and the Republicans out of (my) bedrooms.” Which takes me to remember the happiness I felt the days news broke up about Gov. Ritter quitting the gubernatorial race. Good bye, Mr.Car-Registration-Fee, and good riddance...

And going full circle with Brown's election, while most of the country was following the results, Coloradoans didn't waited and, as other 29 states have done, joined the 10th Amendment Revolt: in the steps of the capital in Denver, a ballot measure to protect Coloradoans from the health care federal mandate was announced by Jon Caldara, from the Independence Institute. How's that for taking issues in our own hand?

Oh, boy, this year 2010 is gonna be... interesting.

Jan 21, 2010

The post Massachussets election "must" reflexion

The reflexion about what happened last night in Massachussets and the message for both parties and ALL politicians is clear: don't mess with our freedom and the core values of our nation.

And I had to add the photo because, with all due respect... C'Mon... ;-)

Alberto, over there at Babalu Blog, has penned the perfect reflexion, based on a John Laudon's post at Big Government that is a must read (I read it last night and posted via Twitter but, jeez, was way to tired to blog about it.)

"Scott Brown was elected by the voters of Massachusetts yesterday not because he was a Republican, but because he was not an Obama Democrat."

We are tired of the corruption, the spending, the entitlements and the chronic and constant attitude by politicians and their cronies that we, the people, are not important. That what we want from them - as our employees - does not count.

We. Are. Tired.
And when it is our country what is at stake, we will not rest until we take it back.

I agree American deserves the best.
And if that means voting people out regardless the letter behind their names, or calling our our own GOPers, well... so be it.

Jan 20, 2010

The winner took it all

And he needs to be seated, NOW.

I did the funny dance in front of the TV - with the audience of eeyores and naysayers looking at me as a rare specimen. No that I cared much. What are we supposed to do? Happily wait for the Committees for the Defense of the Revolution (CDR's) and the Rapid Response Brigades to be implemented?

No way. Been there. Seen that. Not good.
We can take our country back, one seat at a time.

For more detailed updates & follow ups, go there ------>>>>, to the Twitter corner, to get your daily dose.
- My brain is still on vacation &n recovery ;-)

Jan 19, 2010

Trucking for the winner...

because I believe he will take it all.

By now, most common sense Americans are stuck to their TV's, computers and smartphones following the elections in Massachussets where the former Ted Kennedy's Senate seat might be returned to THE PEOPLE, or sunk forever in the Dems' bus that is leading this country directly to socialism.

The Massachussets Miracle, The Uniter, The Game Changer. Scott Brown is all that - and more ;-)

Brown, the Republican candidate, has grown a huge platform of centrists, moderates, conservatives, indies and even democrat & SEIU supporters that have been rallying for him in Twitter and Facebook, and with small donations monies.

Early today, his hashtag, @scottbrownma started trending in Twitter and trust me, it is going viral. If you want to have real time updates on what's going on, it is Twitter where you have to go (Disclaimer: no, Twitter is not paying me for the endorsement, and I proud Twittera, I know first hand ;-)

Talking about taking our country back, one hashtag at a time...

Legal Insurrection is live blogging the election.
Michelle Malkin & Big Government at following the tracks of potential frauds...

How "bad" could this be when WH press secretary Gibbs says Obama is not happy, Barney Frank talks about changing Senate voting rules in case Brown gets elected and The Boston Globe - oh! the imparciality of the MSM! - posted online "premature" election results giving the victory, of course, to Martha Cloakey

And us, poor mortals that don't vote in Taxassuchetts, are trucking for the winner.

Remember when President Obama mocked at Scott Brown for driving a truck - a GMC made by the automaker virtually owned by the US government, thus, whose virtual CEO is Obama himself?

So, I'm joining the Americans wearing BROWN today, and those trucking for Scott Brown. This Cuban mom over here settled down last year with a Dodge Grand Caravan minivan because I need to tote kids around for the years to come. But, in my wildest dreams, this is the truck that I will own:

On a closing note, while young adults are carrying Republicans to victory, the stock market is getting happy: healthcare stocks are getting up!


Have at it.

Jan 10, 2010

Cold front freezes the US

I've keeping myself out of sight for a while, trying to replenish my health - both physical and mental - to survive this upcoming year. This Cubanita has been living lately with the blue birdie, right there --->>> to your right --->>>, in Twitter because, honestly, he makes things easier when you're busy and recovering from surgery...

However, to check back in time, there is nothing like a good laugh... and here is where hell starts freezing over, thanks one more time, to el maestro Pong:

"If that guy Gore have the slighlest idea of coming around here, I will tear him a leg because he is a liar".
"Shit! It's cold!"

Jan 5, 2010

New Year's Resolution

Long time no blogging - it's hard to let go of the Christmas vacations and et al. Very hard for a working Mom who spent 2009 giggling thousand things between her hands...

But, I am no one without my political rants and constant blasting against (c)astro's inc, its useful idiots and our own socialistoids we have to fight right here at home.

For that, you can follow me on Twitter @CbntaRMNP
I am soo lovin' it :-)

For the prospect of the brighter future I force myself to believe lies ahead, I will leave you with this New Year's Resolution - don't get scare by the Botox's Monster in the first screen:

H/T to George at Babalu Blog.