Apr 22, 2009

Don't know about you out there...

But I'd like to see this man in one of the Senate's seats from my state.
2010 mid-term elections over here promise to be an exciting event...

For those who use the youthful and inexperience card --in which worst scenario we are already sunk, amid thousand other powerful reasons-- I'd like to think that we could still benefit from some "fiscal responsibility hope".

Actually, in real life, we'll NEED tons of it for the next... zillion years.

Apr 20, 2009

Did you know I wanna live in Texas?

I didn't either.
But any where socialism will be resisted, I wanna be there.

H/T to Babalú Blog and Michelle Malkin.

T(ea) Bits

A little bit over here... a little bit over there...
Here are some pics from the Fort Collins Tea Party, held at lunch time on Wed. 04/15/09, in the Washington Park, behind the city hall, all taken by myself with my lousy zillion-years-old camera.
Despite local media reporting that the crowd was "close to 1,000" people, I agree with some of the speakers estimates that 1,500-1,800 people attended.
It was great to see people from all ages, young college students sporting signs against socialism (and boy, if I do agree with them!), families with toddlers, veterans, you name it.
There were several other rallies all over the area(See here, here and here).
Enough is enough.
--no matter what other have to say against it; it seems to be a genuinely grassroots movement where actually a lot of politicians were booed when they tried to take to spotlight.
Your average Joes are voicing their concerns, and that is a good sign that not all is already lost. Heavily inflated yes, but totally lost? May be not.

Apr 17, 2009

Señales de humo

Gosh! It's been another month!

Believe me, it is not for lacking topics and rants to post about; actually, the pending list is so long that I might even decide to leave a gap. To be honest, there are so many things floating around that have me really busy, worried and pissed off that, well, I think we better live it there...

Working in a lot of stuff at the same time while not having the slightest idea how I am going to complete each one of them, combined with full time blogging let's that is, at least, very complicated.

On top of that, there are a few satellites out there trying to get mean around this blog and I really can not add those nut jobs to my --already packed-- list of to do's.

Meanwhile I try to keep myself sane between:

  • potty training
  • learning the names of ALL Thomas The Tank Engine characters
  • attending Tea Parties with actually more people than those numbers reported by the local media
  • making myself a tough cookie working in a area where I have to deal with issues that I don't always agree with
  • bleeding for the ones I left behind and want to have with me
  • piling 10-12 book in my nightstand while reading "La Rebelión de Atlas"(Atlas Shrugged)
  • shedding tears for the loved ones that passed away without me having the chance to say the last good bye
  • seeing the miracles through flowers in my house
  • wishing I didn't know a single thing about journalism
  • chasing guayabitos --can you believe it!-- in my not-that-long-ago-built house
  • propping up my little negocito while praying no needing to "go Galt"...
(pause needed to breath)

So, talk amongst yourselves, share ideas... I'll be back soon.
Bear with me and my link-less posting. Believe me, it is a much needed break from writing, because I still do my daily rounds all over your places.

Nos vemos dentro de poco!