Oct 30, 2009

Where on earth?

I'll be out of commission for a few days, in a noble family quest.
Mostly twittering @cbntaRMNP for the days to come; I'll be back soon.

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Oct 28, 2009

An unusually real book review

Produce by The Washington Post Writers Group, a few days ago The Denver Post published a review of two recent books about Fidel Castro.

And the headline clearly hints the tone:
"Two new books look at Castro through friends' eyes"

I have to say that, coming from The Denver Post is, oddly, a very acccurate take on (c) astro I and the everlasting liberal love story with it.

Since we are in the era of fairness and balances in all forms for free expression, to kind of keeping up with the mood, I would only add three things, to round up Mary Speck's take:

The author dismisses Guevara's responsibility for the summary execution of anywhere from several dozen to several hundred people as "swift revolutionary justice" and examines it no further. He sums up the public show trials that Castro instigated as a "terrible mistake," presumably because many foreign reporters reacted with revulsion as crowds filled Havana's stadium, jeering at the suspects and calling out for firing squads.

Here I would immediately recommend the reader Humberto Fontova's "The Real Che Guevara and the Useful Idiots Who Idolize Him" and "Fidel Castro, Hollywood's Favorite Tyrant" to get their fair share on the other side of the story that is missing.

We learn little about the inner reservations García Márquez may have had about Cuba's deterioration into a battered autocracy running mainly on inertia and repression.

After this, I would also add the recently declassified documents from Mexican Mexico's Federal Direction of Mexican Security (DFS), revealing that the Nobel winning author Gabriel García Márquez, began acting as an agent of propaganda to the service of the Direction of Cuban Intelligence in 1967. (The headline in Spanish, BTW, means "Gabo, the great Cuban spy")

Finally, I would have adventured myself adding an extra word (emphasis mine) and an answer to her final question:

Why, in the latter half of the 20th century — an era already scarred by the messianic ravages of larger-than-life totalitarian leaders in Europe and Russia — did so many intellectuals greet Castro's iron rule and utopian promises with such blinkered euphoria?

Because in today's society, there is a widespread toxic contaminant called liberal hypocrisy.

Because, as my mother says, it is very easy to swim when you are outside the water.

Because it is easy to side with the tyrants and defend their causes, from the coziness of your pricey house in the land of the evil empire, where liberals enjoy First Amendment Rights that nor myself or my fellow countryman have never had in castro's Cuba.

Because if you chose to say the entire truth, then you are called sick, twisted freak, radical and/or rabid anticastro - or all of the above.

Because in life, you can chose to do right or wrong. And, doing the right thing sometimes is not the most popular choice.

One sentence Op-Ed

America is moving to socialism, slowly but surely.
Fresh from THE source.

Oct 20, 2009

Is the US sovereignty in danger?

And we better brace ourselves to defend it.

Last Wednesday, Lord Christopher Monckton, considered an skeptical in the man-made global warming theory, issued a concerning warning regarding the upcoming UN Convention on Climate Change, to be held in the December in Copenhagen:

"This agreement will cede U.S. sovereignty permanently and irrevocably to the United Nations," he said, warning that Obama will happily sign it.

Lord Monckton, former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher's science advisor, made that statement during a an event at the Minnesota Free Market Institute, in St. Paul, Minnesota.

And you can like or dislike Glenn Beck and call him all things you want but... where else in the news are you listening about this?

Nowhere? That's what I thought.
Take a look at this segment of Lord Monckton's remarks:

Why should we pay attention to this?

Well, maybe because, as Lord Mockton said, according to our Constitution, if Obama signs that treaty in December and the Senate ratifies it (with a 2/3 majority), the treaty would override the US Constitution?

I feel compelled to repeat his words on the video and during his interview with Glenn Beck:

"The word "Election, democracy, vote, or ballot" does not appear anywhere in the 200 pages of the treaty. "

If that does not mean to surrender our sovereignty, freedoms and rights to the UN, what exactly is then?

Check the draft of the treaty here. The golden nugget is that once you are in, there is no way out. Hotel California kind of deal, you know...

Flashback to April, 2009.
Supposing that Lord Monckton is yet another fear monger crazy right winger that has no basis for his claims, why did Democrats said "absolutely no" and refused to allow him to testify alongside Al Gore in a Congressional hearing on the topic of climate change?

Here are Monckton 33 inconvenient truths: the errors in Al Gore's movie, for you to read and draw your won conclusions. Sorry, no media interference here. Get that brain of yours back to work!

We need to brace ourselves. We either speak out, or this will take place in our watch. And it would be too late for our children to take our country back.

Oct 19, 2009

WH war on Fox News: will you be next?

Forget the fact that the WH spokesperson sent to open fire is a self-declared Mao Zedong admirer who said he was one of her "favorite political philosophers".

Never mind the idea that maybe, in order to be considered a "real news network", you may need to have your anchors publicly displaying the tingling down their legs when they see the president.

With so many crucially important things happening in this country, that this admin should be focusing on, in the face of this warfare, I have only one question:

Even if you don't like Fox News at all, what guarantees do you have that YOU won't be its enemy tomorrow? What makes you think that you, someone you know or myself won't be in Dunn, Axelrod and Obama's list of enemies in the near future?

Really? But, but... we've told you so!

Any human being with at least two-working neurones should know by now that in this life, anything in excess could be harmful.

Case example today:
excessive wishful thinking - or should I say plain unwillingness to see the reality - and the futile exercises of mental self-satisfaction that many people engage on when it comes to Cuba; including the current US president.

A few days ago, with all due fanfare, what is left of the MSM in this country announced that the US would ease telecoms companies access to Cuba. The small caps disclaimer was that the approval from the communist government was still pending.

A small company from Florida, BTW, was awarded the first authorization to start the optic fiber installation to Cuba:

"Cuba is the only country in the Americas that is not connected with the rest of the nations through an optic fiber cable. Instead, they rely on expensive satellite connections. Even though an optic fiber cable could substantially lower the cost of the phone calls, the rates would be determined by the Cuban government, who can also implement restrictions to access the Internet," reported the El Nuevo Herald story. [My own free translation here]

Err, nope; instant Internet access to Cuban blogger Yoani Sanchez and 11 million of Cuban living under censorship was not mentioned. At. All.

C'Mon, censorship and keeping people ignorant goes hand to hand with totalitarian regimens. Didn't POTUS knew that one?

Along came Monday and the Castro's regimen shut the door on Obama's face answering there will be no deal with US telecoms.

This takes me to question a few issues of principles:

The Obama admin knew how the whole thing works with the Castro's government prerogatives mentioned above, in bold. Ergo, the Obama admin does not care about Cubans' access to Internet or lower telephone rates.

Then, all I can see is a lousy act of flirting with the Cuban tyranny, knowingly that the average Cuban would not be benefit from it.

As expected by us - those Cubans born and raised under Castro's communist rule who, by default, should know a thing or two better than your average Harvard-educated president-in-the-making - the tropical dictatorship rebuffed the initiative that would have opened the island to better cell phone and Internet service.

My question is: did anybody in his/her sane mind really thought that the Castros gives a damn crap about improving the telephone and Internet access to their slaves?

I mean, like, really?

The Cuban government - who, in case you've forgotten, owns all business and property in the island - has been doing the money of their lives with the excessive rates to phone calls in/out of Cuba.

Whoever seriously thought they would give up that source of income, just like that, for the well being of Cubans and their families abroad, was simply engaging in yet another excessive and futile act of failed mental political self-satisfaction.

Or else, I am breeding pink unicorns in my backyard.

Oct 13, 2009

Cuban dissident physician starts HUNGER STRIKE

Dr. Darsi Ferrer, a Cuban dissident physician has started a hunger strike today, in the Valle Grande prison, to protest against the procedural violations the government is engaging to keep him in jail, despite different regulations established by Cuba's own criminal law.

Dr. Darsi Ferrer became widely known outside Cuba, among other things, when he personally filmed, with an undercover camera, a reality of Cuba's hospitals for Cubans that is totally different from the astroturfed version of Michael Moore's "Sicko".

This is a courageous doctor that, despite being persecuted and stigmatized by Castro's repressive machine continues helping under served and disadvantaged individuals in Havana's poorest neighborhoods, independently resports the real situation of public health in Cuban and distributes all sort of donations to the Cuban elderly.
Here is my very free and loose translation of the letter sent by his wife, Yusnaimy:

Dear friends,

Darsi started a hungry strike today, October 13th, 2009, to protest the Cuban government arbitrary and unjust imprisonment against him, which violates Cuban’s own current laws. He is being accused of a crime of [receptación - having/receiving illegally obtained merchandise] that, due to its characteristics, is supposed to fall into the category of crimes to be processed in an expedite manner, in less than 20 days after being accused. The reasoning behind this is the low dangerousness of the crime and the low nominal value of the merchandise confiscated.

Three months ago the public attorney [fiscalía] requested that Darsi be put in jail as a preventive measure, without taking into account that [current Cuban] criminal law establishes that a preventive prison term only applies when it is a crime that has caused [public] alarm, is a crime with higher incidence in the given geographical area or there is a funded probable cause and/suspicion that the accused will try to evade justice. None of these conditions exist in the case of Darsi Ferrer. His defense lawyer proposed to change this preventive measure sin September 16th, 2009 and she has not received any answer so far.

However, the [current Cuban] criminal law clearly states that the attorney [fiscalía] has the obligation to answer to any proposal of change in the preventive measures within five (5) business days. The [current Cuban] criminal law establishes that the phase for investigation [instructional] where docket/case is prepared should be conducted in the least amount of time possible and establishes a maximum of 60 days to present the accusation in front of the tribunal.

There is an exception to extend these terms, but only for cases heavily justified. 78 days has passed now and Darsi’s docket/case is still in the instructional phase, even though there is nothing to investigate. It is unknown when the docket will be delivered to the tribunal to finally have a date for the trial, which is totally unjustifiable.

Besides, the way Darsi is being treated in jail is discriminatory, and this treatment got even worse after the newspaper El Nuevo Herald published a story where he denounced the “Inside stories of the Valle Grande Jail”. This [discrimination] is placing his personal security and integrity at risk inside the prison. The State’s security repression machine, instead of punishing the officials and the guards that have been denounced after committing serious crimes inside the jail, has consistently order the harassment of any other inmate that maintains any type of relationship or communication with Darsi, or even dare to approach him.

For that reason, the inmates Eliecer Fuentes, Alejandro Gainza, Delfín González and Tamayo Quiala, have been punished, and other are currently under investigation or being harassed by the prison guards. Is short, Darsi is being forced to cohabit in crowded conditions with common inmates, and those who even dare to have a conversation with him, are being punished.

When he was arrested, the police raided our house, supposedly, due to tip that we were buying construction materials with an illegal origin. During that fake search in our house, they confiscated two bags of cement and some metal sheets. They also broke the wall and tore down two windows in an interior hallway in the house.

What nobody understand is, why they didn’t showed any interest in the bag of cement, the gravel and the sand piles we have had in the house’s front porch, in plain view, for almost a year? Why did they tore down only two of the windows and left four other and the house’s main door, if they are all made with the same material?

The government’s goal is pretty clear: they want to keep Darsi in jail for political reasons, without showing any minimal sign of respect for the legislation they have put in place themselves.

I hold the authorities of the Cuban government responsible for anything that could happen to my husband, Dr. Darsi Ferrer Ramirez, and I ask the international community for help to demand the end to the injustices he is suffering.

Best regards, and God bless you all,
Yusnaimy Jorge Soca
Human Rights activitist
H/T to Babalú Blog & Uncommon Sense

Castro Government denies Cuban blogger right to travel to the US to receive award

No emancipation letter for Yoani Sanchez this time, either. Welcome to the Slavery of the XXI Century, right in your Southernmost footstep.

Once again, she was denied the exit permit that all Cubans are required to request, receive and pay for in dollars (from the Cuban goverment) prior to traveling anywhere in the world.

Whoever was thinking otherwise, was engaging in a self-satisfactory futile mental practice. Yoani received the Maria Moors Cabot award, by Columbia University and right here, in the US, will the award stay.

Yoani's blog, Generacion Y, has become the nemesis of the communist censors and the castro's repressive machine. In a country where merely a 1% and something of the population has access to the (controlled by the goverment) internet, Yoani Sanchez has received several international journalism awards (Ortega y Gasset, Time 100 most influential) and her name has been widely known in all angles of the political spectrum. Her page, of course, is blocked in Cuba.

It is estimated that her blog receives around 1 million clicks per day.

And maybe this recognition is what is keeping her out of jail... and alive. Yoani now is learning how to scream, using Twitter:

Go there and tweet for her, for the freedom of speach of all Cubans, for every body in Cuba to have the right to enter and exit the castro's plantation - I mean - the island, without goverment restrictions and intrusion.

Cry out loud, for the cause of freedom.

"Cuando sali de Cuba" author and singer dies

I grew up having this song, "Cuando sali de Cuba" [When I left Cuba] and its melody always embedded in the back of my mind. But being the young person that I am ;-), never glued in the name of its singer.

It is funny because here in town, there is a trio of Mexican performers that play that melody for me every time we get together. They surprised me with it the very first day at met them, covering a local even for the newspaper I used to work for, the minute they learn I was from Cuba.

Today I woke up with the news that Luis Aguile, the Argentinian-Spanish singer and writer who gave us - Cubans - this wonderful song, passed away. Rest in peace.

I know. Uber-jerk; but it always make me cry.
Here are the lyrics in Spanish, with my super free and loose translation:

Nunca podre morirme, mi corazon no lo tengo aqui - I could never die, I don't have my heart here
Alguien me esta esperando - some body is waiting for me
me esta aguardando que vuelva aqui­ - waiting for me to come back here
Cuando sali de Cuba, - when I left Cuba
deje mi vida deje mi amor. - I left my life, I left my love
Cuando sali de Cuba, - when I left Cuba
deje enterrado mi corazon. - I left my heart buried there
Late y sigue latiendo - it beats and keeps beating
porque la tierra vida le da, - because the soil gives him life
pero llegaraun dia - but there will come a day
en que mi mano te alcanzara. - when my hand will reach you
Cuando... when I left Cuba
Una triste tormenta - a sad storm is hitting you
te esta azotando sin descansar - it's ravaging you without rest
pero el sol de tus hijos - but the sun from your children
pronto la calma te hara alcanzar - will make you reach peace
Cuando... when I left Cuba
Cuando... when I left Cuba
Deje enterrado mi corazon, - I left my heart buried there
mi corazon, mi corazon.- my heart, my heart...

H/T to Babalu Blog

SNL on POTUS - Take Two


Oct 9, 2009

Quote of the Day

Obama's Nobel Peace Prize - your hot spot news for the week - is being dismissed from left, right, and everything in between; brought to you but no other than his own sycophants at msnbc.com.

The golden nugget is:

"I'm not sure what the international community loved best; his waffling on Afghanistan, pulling defense missiles out of Eastern Europe, turning his back on freedom fighters in Honduras, coddling Castro, siding with Palestinians against Israel, or almost getting tough on Iran." GOP Rep. Gresham Barrett - who is running for governor of South Carolina

And the crash-course to get your own NPP, courtesy of conservative columnist Tommy De Seno, is:
2-Go to meetings
3-Skip church
4-Release federal funding (Americans taxpayers monies, in case you didn't know from where federal monies come) to pay for abortions in foreign countries
5-Party some more

Go ahead! Start this weekend your very own path to the Nobel Prize!

One word Op-Ed

Turn it down!

- do you still have the receipt, don't you?

Twisted priorities

Move over, Gandhi. Your intentions - or efforts - were never good enough.

By now every single living cell on planet earth has been awakened with the news that Obama won the Peace Nobel Prize.

Nope, we're not in April. And you better don't laugh, otherwise, you could be red-flagged as terrorist - what if you are an Independent or Libertarian, but you're laughing anyway?

My first reaction? Wait a minute, I haven't drank enough Cuban coffee yet, my brain is not fully alert, I need another...

Then the simple logic of a thinking human brain kicked in, and I posted in Facebook: "... and what exactly has Obama done for peace?". Let's say that I could gladly use three examples, you know, just to keep the tradition.

Later on the news were reporting the Nobel committee purportedly said the award was not exactly for anything Obama has done, but for his intentions. Really?

A Chinese dissident and an Afghan women’s rights activist lost out to that. And the Iranians who took out the streets to defend their elections didn't even make it to the finals.

Mahatma Gandhi was nominated several times to the Nobel Prize, including the year that he was killed. But he never received it. Ergo, I can't get past the sick, twisted priorities that I am seeing around us lately...

Just another example of the uselessness of the Nobel prize. Really wanna do something for peace? Try anything, BUT the Nobel Prize. Where is Kanye West now?

Being in office for, like 11 months, my most conservative math estimate tells me that Obama was proposed to the award after being at the WH for, three weeks?

Which intentions or efforts were materialized by then, other that your standard politician's campaign promises (something, that, by the way, haven't changed that much either).

And, apparently, I am not the only one with this line of thoughts. Norwegians had made a political statement for someone they HAVE NOT to deal with, at least directly. That is, en pocas palabras, a lot of audacity.

On top of that, the laureate wins a gold medal, a diploma and 10 million Swedish crowns (1.4 million dollars or 878,000 pounds). I know; ACORN, stop worrying about being de-funded!

For those out there saying they are just happy because the crazy right wingers are irritated - which also proves my theory of the uselessness of this theater - I will answer just one thing:

I am not irritated.
I am just LMAO!

PS: my mother, with her endless sabiduría, only said "De buenas intenciones está lleno el camino hacia el infierno." [The way to hell is also paved of good intentions.]

UPDATE: the Nobel Prize as a certificate of political correctness, people's endless obsession with falsehood and more reactions.

Me? Don't you worry about me!
I've told you; I am still laughing at this endless stupidity.

Che is dead. Get over.

October 8th was another anniversary of the death of The Butcher of La Cabaña, a.k.a by any useful idiot around you as Che Guevara.

I won´t overwhelm you with the sordid details on how this crook murdered so many of my countrymen before I was born. Or how I was indoctrinated, since age five, to sing and praise him, repeating the sworn phrase "Pioneros por el comunismo, Seremos como el Che".

Aiming to make it easy to those reluctant to learn history, I will keep it with the facts:
  • Read here the names of the Cubans this crook shot in the firing squads in the first few months of the so called revolution.
  • Enlighten yourself with relatives and families testimonies of crimes against humanity perpetrated by this man and castro's communist killing machine at the Cuban Archive Project (also available in Spanish).
  • Hold your guts and see the video of one of those firing squads - disclaimer: it is not for those with a weak stomach. Learn how his family learnes about his execution standing in front of their home TV, while being broadcasted life on national TV, after Che Guevara told them no harm would be inflicted on him. Cornelio Rojas was executed without the benefit of a trial.
  • Read these books and learn even more sordid details: "The real Che Guevara and the useful idiots who idolize him" and "Fidel Castro: Hollywood's favorite tyrant", by Humberto Fontova. Both document that bloody path Guevara and the Castros have left in my homeland.
  • Look for more in the testimony of the last days of Cuban political prisoner Pedro Luis Boitel.
  • Read more on how this character, rather than acomplishing anything, did left a trail of failure, ignorance and incompence everywhere he set his stinky feet.
  • Take a Che re-education program. Remember, education and knowledge can set you free - unless you are sadist enought to keep yourself in ignorance.
Only after that, you might be able to remember today's date for what is worth:
a murderer was given a spoonful of his own medicine.

Oct 7, 2009

The endless flexibility of numbers

No other than msnbc news -what were you expecting, you sick, twisted freak?!- posted online, about two hours ago, that, according to a recent poll, public is split on health overhaul legislation, with opposition among older Americans dropped 16 percentage points.

The Obama-complaint MSM and pollsters are going above and beyond their duty to prop their Messiah’s agenda, at all costs.

What super-extraordinary event happened that in a matter of days, presidential approval climbed to many percentage points – assuming the president did something extraordinarily good? I mean, five days ago, they guy had an Olympic crash in Copenhagen and unemployment hit 9.8 percent.

There is something very fishy with these results on the Obamacare approval, and with the result this same poll gives to the overall presidential approval rate.

As fishy as, for example, the fact that the poll methodology is not listed for this particular poll. We only know that 1,003 adults were surveyed; there is a 3.1 margin of error; and the results supposedly carry a 95% confidence level.

And just now, Gallup has unintentionally revealed how they, and other polling organizations, have been pushing the public to accept Obamacare.

It is remarkable, though, that despite the fact they have been giving the fake multiple choice questions that only offer one choice, the public’s support for a government-run health care has been consistently eroding.

The exit question is: will pollsters and the MSM ever go back to do their work the way they are supposed to? Or has the silent majority finally awaken and realized what’s really going on?

Three word Op-Ed

Abuser, liar and traumatic.

"We know who you are."
"Do you have any idea who we are?"

Another (Twitter-style) Op-Ed

Astro-turfing or wardrobe malfunction?

Photo source: The New York Post

Add stupidity and what do you get?

The Obama administration!


Michelle Malkin has more details of the sordid and corrupt doctored image.

One word Op-Ed


Or should I be more "diplomatic"?
Didn't think so.

H/T Babalu Blog

Oct 6, 2009

Muzzles in the horizon

Take a look at my personal intro in the right bar of this blog. Read over the third paragraph: "...I lived most of my life muzzled down by a communist dictatorship, ergo, I refuse to be censored again. And yes, I am a very opinionated young lady..."

Now, throw in the mix the latest news on how Obama and his administration just backed up in the UN a resolution that limits free speech.

Think I am hallucinating?
Think again.


The Obama administration has marked its first foray into the UN human rights establishment by backing calls for limits on freedom of expression. President Obama chose to join the Council despite the fact that the Organization of the Islamic Conference holds the balance of power and human rights abusers are among its lead actors, including China, Cuba, and Saudi Arabia. Privately, other Western governments were taken aback and watched the weeks of negotiations with dismay as it became clear that American negotiators wanted consensus at all costs.

The new resolution, championed by the Obama administration, has a number of disturbing elements. It emphasizes that "the exercise of the right to freedom of expression carries with it special duties and responsibilities . . ." which include taking action against anything meeting the description of "negative racial and religious stereotyping." It also purports to "recognize . . . the moral and social responsibilities of the media" and supports "the media's elaboration of voluntary codes of professional ethical conduct" in relation to "combating racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia and related intolerance."

Disturbing elements; such a weird coincidence!

They remind me of a another whole set of disturbing elements, included in the articles 52 and 53 of Cuba's Constitution regarding freedom of speech.

Apparently, they both follow the spirit of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights but in real life, there is not such a thing like freedom of speech in communist Cuba, where the PCC has the absolute control over every thing and every body - literally.

Castro's constitutional lingo is purportedly designed to - as well as this UN resolution signed by Obama and his cronies - misguide the law, condition your freedom of speech to their own interests (Law 88 in Cuba, for example) and slap your objective freedom if you dare to speak differently.

Go ahead and take a look at what have happened to those who dared do criticize or report independently from the party line. 20 years in jail, anyone?

You don't need independent observers to see human rights violations in Cuba; just take a detailed and calm look at the wording of the Constitution and right there you will find all the answers.

Same thing with this so called "resolution"; they give you the constitutional article with one hand, and then, they gladly muzzle you down with your special duties and responsibilities.

There you have, your beta male dog, belly up, exposing his throat and toting yours - I'd bet without your consent - one more time.

(Is anybody actually keeping the record on how many time Obama has tugged his tail between his legs in order to reach consensus and/or apologize or anything along those lines?)

Therefore, if in the near future you notice a dramatic change in the wording of the paragraph above mentioned, you would have a clue of what's really going on with this highly opinionated Cubanita.

Oct 5, 2009

Steaming off everything

Let me tell you that my dear - soon to meet in person - Marta, over there at MBFCF and TikiTiki Blog, loves quizes.

And this Cubanita over here is also getting into the same thing of that Cubanita over there; and I really loved the one she posed for us today. I don't know, I just kind of like this one more than any other...

So, here goes my part:

1. The last book I read:

The 5000 Year Leap. Could I count the ones that I am still reading? Yep. There were three different ones in my nightstand, until a couple of hours ago.

2. The last new friend I made:

Jennifer (Panama) and Yolima (Colombia) both doing the same type of work I do, at a training conference.

3. The last place I visited:

The Colorado Railroad Museum in Golden, CO, to take my boy to "A Day Out With Thomas". Does the Sheraton at Denver West, during the conference, counts?

4. The last movie or TV show I watched:

Movie: Mall Cop - the worst and wasted and awful "wishing-to-be-a-real-comedy" that I have ever seen in my life. TV Shows: Army Wives and Drop Dead Diva, simultaneously with Trauma. Yes, I am able to follow two o three of those on TV in order to skip the commercials. It takes a lot of practice!

5. The last kind deed I did:

Hugged a patient this morning. She needed a shoulder to lean on...

6. The last meal I prepared:

Pancakes for breakfast - my kiddo's favourite lately!

7. The last gift I gave:

To my boy: Dodge, a diesel engine with its two cargo wagons, from the Thomas the Tank Engine series. Batteries bought separately.

8. The last person I called:

My 66 year old mami, at lunchtime, just to check on her and whether my boy ate lunch OK - by Cuban Grandma standards - or not.

9. The last picture on my camera:
View of downtown Denver, facing East, from my hotel room window in the foothills of Lakewood.

10. The last thing I Googled:
Resources in Spanish for a patient. And an educational website for my Spanish students. And Twitter, to update a thing or two...

Oct 2, 2009

Olimpic ego... crashed

Last night, while diving into my sleep at a hotel room - after a full day of work-related conferences - I saw the headlines through the misty-foggy eyes of an overtired Cuban mami:

Chicago was the first city eliminated from the count-down to the Olympics, with the lowest number of votes. Congratulations, Brazil - they're rocking Twitter with it. Y la Sra. Oprah se quedo vestida y sin ir al baile; I mean, without lighting the torch.

If seen alone, shouldn't be a big deal of political criticism.

However, when placed in the context the US current situation, with American losing their jobs by the hours, with the economy slumping down everywhere you take a look at it, with so many American families struggling with the unknown about tomorrow, with American soldiers needing resources and back up in Afghanistan and POTUS looking to the other side, with a federal government that increases its size by the minute and multiplies the country's debt by the second... where all this leave us regarding the priorities of the current administration?

On the other hand, CNN TV anchor falls in shock. This MSM never stops amazing me at their lack of professionalism...

And, what about the saving the planet?

I mean, POTUS and the first lady flew there in separate planes - plus the Air Force One back-up - and they deposited as much CO2 into the atmosphere as 430 American families do in an entire year; such a sacrifice!

IMHO, the OIC did a huge favor to American taxpayers, saving my children and grandchildren from the effects of that corrupt Chicago-machine our president is entangled with.

Billboard common sense