Aug 29, 2008

When a woman speaks,

like this, a whole bunch of people out there should simply shut up; and listen, if they can.

Who said that for being conservative you can not be reformer; in the logical sense of the meaning.

Sarah Palin's VP acceptance speech, brought to you by a Cuban woman who hates speeches, after growing up forced to listen the hours-long crappy verbal incontinence of a senile dictator.

(Photo: John Gress / Reuters / MSNBC)

So, what was that Denver thing again?

Yes! The change we REALLY need! (UPDATE)

Palin for VP!

I just stumbled with the breaking news that McCain chose Sarah Palin, Alaska's governor, as running mater for the presidential ticket. And I can't help but feel really happy about it.

As I've said before, I'm a total rookie in this political stuff, but I like that bet. With some people out there talking the litany of change and the need to have no politics as usual, Palin's selection comes to, literally, darles una galleta sin manos a muchos por ahí.

Conservative, new to the political arena, outside the box of Washington politics, conservative, young, beautiful, woman, mother of five, governor of a "hot" state as Alaska is in the current economic situation... what else could we ask? There are many that would argue the experience issue, but, hey, with the choices that we have around, I wouldn't even go there.

Again, I might be wrong, but I think she comes to fill in a few gaps and to complement McCain in a lot of issues. Not that long ago, I came across her website and I found I identified myself with a lot of the things she posted there about her career, her family and her life in general. (By the time I posted this, opening her official site online is taking centuries!)

And yes, call me feminist (not in the liberal sense of the term, please) and all that, but the fact that she is a woman is, let's say it simple, kind of cool.
I remember talking with people in the past and me explaining why I wouldn't even considere Hillary Clinton for president. And I always said that I will not vote for her not because she is a woman, but because she is NOT the right woman to be president.
I guess back then I had never heard of Palin, if not, she would have been my perfect counteracting example.

Presidential elections and politics in general are a gamble anyway; with politicians you'll never know, and with your vote, you're just trying to make the best informed bet.

[A dark note to MSNBC, though... when I clicked in the link to launch the video of the breaking news, which has Palin's photo, the new window that opened had three video options there. Come on... help me with the guess... Palin's videos were in second and third place... the first one was from 'the One' and yes, it started automatically on his, by default! Coincidence?]
Please, allow me to introduce you Sarah Palin,
read about her here, here, and here.
(And yes, Babalú hit it in the nail; Hillary needs to be inmediately placed on suicide watch!)

Aug 28, 2008

Veggie soup for the soul --with a Cuban twist!

Of course! There is absolutely no way I can cook anything in my house that does not have, one way or another, a Cuban twist.

I don't even remember from whom did I learn to make this soup in the first place, but it has become an staple for cold days and "going back to diet" seasons. It's pretty simple:

- Big pot with lid on hand.

-3 or 4 garlic cloves and 1/4 red onion finely diced, fried in 3 spoons of olive oil until nicely golden. Since we are making the sofrito here, you can add tomato sauce and bell peppers finely diced if you want.

-Previously, you already chopped a bunch of celery, 2 or 3 big red tomatoes, one medium white or yellow onion, half bag of baby carrots (you can also leave the baby carrots in its original size), and half green cabbage. If you have an extra bag of mixed frozen vegetables, you can also accidentally drop them in the pot, although I recommend not going with too much yellow corn.

-Then, you'll add the whole veggie jungle to the pot, stir with the sofrito and add 2 tablespoons of you favorite Sazón Completo Goya.

-Add vegetable broth and/or water leaving one and a half inch of the pot empty, to allow space for boiling, spilling, etc.

-Go to your Cuban roots (or meet them for the first time) and add 4 malangas cut in big chunks.

-Check the salt, and jump over you Badía or Goya cumin container; I usually use 1 tablespoon (Outside Florida, you can find it in Mexican or Hispanic stores and is the Hispanic Foods section of any given Walmart).

-Let them boil and love each other until everything is tender. Make sure to check the malangas and the celery are readily soft.

-Serve hot and enjoy but, cuidado con las quemadas en la lengua.

Now that I realize it, today is Thursday and Marta is cooking at Babalú.

No that I wanted to compete; my friend is way to high in the Major Leagues of Cuban cooking... but you can combine it all: make some soup, have some pizza and to finish, go ahead and make a Cuban cafecito.

Aug 27, 2008

Rock (Cuban) musician in peril

Gorki Ávila, leader of rock band "Porno para Ricardo".
There are some pictures you need to see and some things you need to read:

and here.
H/T (and photo taken from) to Babalú Blog, La Contra Revolución, Penúltimos Días, Blog for Cuba and everyone out there spreading the word.

Aug 25, 2008

I'm not alone in the Rockies

(Picture above: Denver Skyline, from

Last week I thought I'll have to make plans to hibernate during this week. I'm really not up to digesting the tons of garbage that my surroundings will be emitting these days.

But this morning, over there at Michelle Malkin's, I read about a poll where Coloradoans said they are not --thanks God-- all thrilled about the DNC.

It's good to know I'm not alone in this run. DNC in Denver? Puaf! Who cares? Forget their enthusiasm... (Oh, my! Even the Missus Botoz and the other Missus will be here!)

I am SO glad that I live way to the north and have absolutely no business in the state's capital this week!

And it feels SO good that I don't watch/hear any news at all during weekends!

Aaahhh! I'm so relieved now that I can actually start my work-week with an extra load of energy. Although I also might need to hold my nose; it all depends from where the wind blows.

Aug 22, 2008

Excuse me, Dr. Agastson

I have serious intentions to retake the strict phase of the South Beach Diet, to see if I can finally shed those extra pounds my lovely papichulo left as souvenir in my body after happily carrying him for nine months.

But, when someone bringing you from Miami these succulent masarreales, stuffed with guava paste all over, there is not human willpower that can resist. (If you know of any, please, tell me where can I get one)

So yes, I had them for breakfast, with Coca Cola. Y qué?
(I'll get over it!)

PD: Here is a recipe I found in English, and here is la de Juan Pérez, in Spanish. (I'll post how it goes when I try them at home)

Aug 21, 2008

Back home in Colorado

How do you know you're back home, at any given place in colorful Colorado?
When this is the first thing you see in front of your car,
at the airport parking lot.

Aug 20, 2008

Another colorful --and way too high above sea level-- rant

I haven't been able to think very clearly lately, especially when I try to hear some news in the radio, while commuting to/and from work.

NPR's verbal incontinence about the upcoming democratic convention in Denver me tiene, digamos que, close to star pulling my hair.

What about the republican convention in St. Paul or the activities related to independent, green and whoever else is running for presidency? Nothing.

What about the "additional holding facility"quickly reconditioned in Denver to be used during the convention days and coincidentally kept secret, popping out everywhere in the Internet, but nowhere in your local newspaper?

Nadita de nada.

I learned some details about the republican convention while reading one of those ad-filled magazines you get in the plane, while flying --you've guessed it-- between Washington and St. Paul. (Thanks, Northwest Airlines, for having it there).

On top of that, if while doing a random Internet search, you learn your cubanísimo trasero have been sitting on one the US biggest oil reserve at the same time you've been paying four dollar a gallon for gas, IMHO, you're more than entitled to have a royal patatú. Check this:

"The United States, western Colorado in particular, has the largest known concentration of oil shale in the world, (according to the Bureau of Land Management) and holds an estimated 800 gigabarrels of recoverable oil, enough to meet U.S. demand for oil at current levels for 110 years. Known as the "Rock That Burns" the oil in oil shale is economically inaccessible due to technological difficulties in harvesting the oil from the shale rock.

Have anybody in Congress thought about developing the technology needed to use this, along with nuclear and whatever other clean sources could be available instead of pretending it's OK for us and our children to pay $4.00 or more for the gallon of gas?

Last time I checked, they were kind of hypocrites...

Like MDH said the other day: "So it's OK to buy and use oil from terrorrists because their oil does not contaminate and we can not drill in the US because our oil IS the one that contaminates the environment?

Jeez, sometimes I really think that there are some people out there that not even with fifty 9/11 would get it. I am either really bad in economics, or most of these people are just having the great time of their lives (including Botox overdoses) while we're footing the bill.

Should we ask for a quick law mandating that all those attending the convention ought pay $10 the gallon of gas? I mean, since they rather be hostages of foreing potencies for the love of green, then I can assume they can afford it.

Qué pena que yo no pueda decir lo mismo!

That's why I think I will need to hibernate for a few days, at least while the convention is going on in Denver and the Obama'08 stickers are proliferating in the parking lot at work.

(What will come next? Repeating "Pioneros por el comunismo, seremos como Obama" next to the clocking machine?)

The good news is from now on, I won't need a city permit to make a garage sale anymore.

The Cenicienta city where I physically live is growing, opening more businesses and making our lives a little bit easier. Apparently, my vote in the local elections were not erred... so far.

Aug 14, 2008

Itchy, itchy drawings coming to Miami

Pong posted the official announcement, and Garrincha chronicled the labor and delivery: a brand-new Cuban-humor magazine will see the light in Miami.

It was needed it and due, desde hace mucho tiempo.

Since we're in the birthing-center mode, un poco de llanto de maternidad se impone: What on earth these Cubans pinky-earth-worms living far from our Miami homeland are going to do to receive our weekly dose of Pica Pica?

No idea.
Palomas mensajeras? FeDex? The Web?
We'll see qué tipo de pan el baby trae bajo el brazo...

But I do wish them the best.
They are all pretty good cartoonists.
They will all bring good memories from the years we used to read them in Cuba.

If you are in Miami this Saturday, go there and do your part.
It will be only un caña/fula/baro --or whatever fits your wallet best.

Garrincha's worms have succesfully completed their three years of English as Second Language.
Go there and larguen las tripas riéndose... the candidate is priceless.

Aug 13, 2008

Miércoles Negro / Back Wednesday

We don't celebrate today.
We grieve.
We mourn.

Ni velitas, ni cake.
De babosadas y guatacones ya estamos hartos, o sea, up to the top.

La parranda la empezamos mañana, que es el cumple de la suegra.

Aug 8, 2008

Te estoy vigilando!!!

(A few days ago, in this Cuban household in northern Colorado)

Me: You know what I read today in a Cuban blog online?! That Obama wants to create a civilian security force, with budget and funds and the whole nine yards!

MDH: Quééééé! Unos CDR's? Coño, no me hagas esa mierda.

And then, we both look at each other like sharing the same thought: tanto nadar para venir a morir en la orilla.

Then, going back in my mind to the files of my childhood and teens years, I rapidly drew a conclusion. La guardia nos tocará en la vaquería que está al lado de la casa. You know, cows can perfectly be a matter of national security.

Cows!!! Las estoy vigilando!!!

And no, we don't like the idea either.
We totally refuse to have our lives in America governed by some sort of Obama's version of a HOA. I already hate mine strongly enough; I really don't need to add another reason.

Período Especial en tiempos de Obama

We are getting ready para lo que viene, in case the messiah leases the White House in November. We have plenty of experience and have decided to apply the survival techniques we learned in Centro Habana in 1992-1996:

Above, former goldfishes pond turned into mini-hidropónico. Exagerados que somos, instead of a logical number of tomato plants, we ended up with a whole tomato jungle.

The good news is that the plants are up their top with tomatoes and some of them have started to ripe. In the middle of that jungle we also manage to get a couple of green bell pepper plants that, you've guessed it, are also full with little peppers.
Above, former favorite patio corner where Sweetie loved to dig (I strongly believe she still thinks she'll be able to find a treasure -under the sprinkler) became another mini vegetable garden where nine pumpkins and a few strawberries are happily growing.

Now that I give it some thought, the survival kit in Centro Habana included a pig growing in the bathtub. I might not jump in that one as it is, but I may be able to use the unfinished basement instead. :)

And, if this nonsense becomes a reality, we might even need to change our cars for these cutting-edge and environmentally friendly models. (I hope they are not as expensive as the Prius or the Civic hybrid).