Dec 24, 2009

Merry Christmas! / Feliz Navidad! - Enjoy it, while you still have it.

I wish a you very merry Christmas to you all, a blessed holiday season and a Happy New Year. And you can call me delusional if you want, but I strongly suggest that you enjoy it, while you can.

Castro became the Grinch who stole the Christmas in Cuba fifty years ago, and if you thought you were saved by coming (or being in) to the United States... well, you may want to think again because with the winds that are blowing around us lately...

Just take a quick look at the Christmas present we've received in the last few hours, not only for us, but also for countless Americans in future generations:
and... I better stop here, because I need a healthy stomach for tonight's Christmas's Eve feast. I didn't baked guava cheesecakes and pastelitos de guayaba and made Creme de Vie while my Mom roasted pork and make congri until 2 am last night for nothing.

I say we devote these few days to renergize ourselves with our family, celebrating the birth of Christ, a time to watch the white Christmas outside, to enjoy the lights, the food and the gatherings.

Then we're gonna come back ready to flush down the pipes. Completely.

Plan for 2010?
No votes for any incumbent - except a very few exceptions. Candidates: you better start talking about repealing unconstitutional legislation, upholding the Constitution, and et al.

To my dear GOP'ers, rockies and veterans, you better get down here to earth and start supporting Palin and Bachman with full force. Otherwise, you're going down the toilet too.

All I have to say is that, in the worst case scenario, I have an enourmous faith in our armed forces and in the oath they have taking to defend the Constitution, against all enemies, foreign and domestic.

I really DO trust them. Besides, there is nowhere that I can go, in a home made raft, leaving from colorful Colorado!

Feliz Navidad y Próspero Año Nuevo!

Dec 23, 2009

Ray Stevens takes on against ObamaCare

Oh, boy! We need tons of these to keep our mental sanity...

Take notes, Senators & Legislators:
"You vote ObamaCare, we're gonna vote you out of there".

H/T to HillBuzz

Dec 22, 2009

Welcome to ObamaCare y su Chicago's Way, en español

Magistralmente descrito por los autores del blog NOBAMA:

Aquí dejo la introducción, cortesía nada más y nada menos que de Al Capone:

“Un delincuente es un delincuente, y hay algo saludable acerca de su franqueza sobre el asunto. Pero cualquier tipo que pretenda que está haciendo cumplir la ley y que basado en su autoridad robe es una enorme serpiente. El peor tipo de estos bandidos es el gran político. Uno puede tener sólo un poquito de su tiempo porque pasa mucho tiempo encubriéndolo todo de manera que nadie pueda darse cuenta de que es un ladrón. Un esforzado delincuente puede tener a esos pájaros de cuenta por docenas, pero en el fondo de su corazón no confía en ellos y odia su sola presencia”.

Lea el análisis de las sucias estrategias que usan nuestros senadores en medio de la noche, en español, aquí.

Buen provecho! - it was a sarcasm, you know...

Dec 21, 2009

Senate sold us out. Welcome to the United Socialists States of America

It is time we stop using the word "honorable" when addressing anybody in the Senate.

Not. One. Single. Senator. Deserves. To. Be. Called. "Honorable".
Not after the midnight, weekend, back-door dirty deals they engaged on to have the 60 votes needed for the Senate to pass the healthcare reform bill.

Grab as many barf bags as you can. The more we dig in the weekend back door dirty deal the Senate used to sell us out on the fake healthcare reform bill they approved, the more we're gonna need them.

Have any idea where can we run and hide from these socialists' thugs? Shoot me a an address in the comments' section.I am kind of ready to pack my bags.

The list of pay-off and deals senators accepted  at midnight on a weeked, in return to give their vote to approve this legislation that does nothing to solve the problems we actually have in healthcare and does everything to allow the goverment to grab 17% of the US economy could merit a cardiac arrest to anyone in America - not only young actress Brittany Murphy, R.I.P.

DemCare = Treachery.

Chris Dodd? - Sold out for 100 million.
Bill Nelson? - Sold out for another 100 million.

For an entire list of the dirty deals, see here. For a liveblogging chronological description of the dirty deals held yesterday at the Senate chamber, read here. And there is a second part of the list...

This is what your "elected" Prince Reid and Pelosi are in DC for: to exchange your taxpayers dollars for the 60 votes they needed  to get 17% of the US economy under federal government control.

And, in case you were wondering, Reid's healthcare bill STILL requires monthly abortion fee; whether you agree with abortion or not.

Here is the voice of a rural Nebraska family physician who calls out Ben Nelson exactly for what he is; "a  socialist-coddling coward", which has nothing to do with "honorable", BTW.

Meanwhile, the CBO continues correcting their estimates on the costs; and the farse of "where I said Digo, I actually said Diego" has no end.

To use WSJ editorial's words: this bill is so reckless, that had to be rammed through on a partisan vote in Christmas eve. Simply put, Change Nobody Believes In

Our healthcare, the best in the world despite its glitches, is being stolen again. Only by different grinches.

No wonder David Axelrod disregards the wishes of a majority of Americans because he calls their views, "an anomaly" in the health care debate.
Are you among the 60% of Americans who opposed the healthcare reform as presented so far.
You are abnormal.
You. Are. Not. Important.
Your will does not count.

Obama and his cronies has only one goal: to fundamentally change the way America operates. And, to that intent, if they get Obamacare, DemCare and et al, they get everything.

I just ask my fellow Americans: What have we become? What have we allow to happened to this country, under the excuse of punish a previous failed - highly questionable evaluation, BTW - administration? What have we done?

Dec 16, 2009

Foreign policy lesson for Obama

Brought to you by el maestro Pong.

"Yes, Mr. President, the Iranians did it"
"We're gonna have to increase the sanctions against them."

Safe Schools Czar stuff keeps coming: Fistgate VIII

Fistgate VIII: this time, detailing a book promoted by GLSEN, the organization founded by Jennings, that happens to recommend the book "Reflections of a Rock Lobster" as reading material for 7 to 12 graders.
A book that details gay sex between first graders.

Here is another report on it, brought to you by... Fox News.

On a side note, it seems the teachers who participated at the 2000 GLSEN conference in MA were given a certificate of six hours of continuing education.

Charles Winnecof, at Big Hollywood, has posted about how liberals are using the gay rights movements to shove down our throat their political agenda -via attacks against conservative values- with no regards to the true meaning of tolerance and respect torwards other people's personal decisions.

However (blame it on my language barrier if you want) Winnecof seems to justify some of these conducts and "educational methods"  that for me, as a mother, are completely unexcusable.

As I've written since my very first post on Fistgate, this is not about teaching teenagers responsible sexual behaviours, tolerance and respect to other people, this is something way more pervert.

No matter their sexual orientation, this stuff is a psicological sexual violation of our children, in public grounds, with public monies and supported by the goverment.

Here are a couple of comments to the aforementioned article - emphasis mine (shortly after this, the comments section on Winnecoff post were disabled [?])

Brian_Hines 73p · 3 hours ago The only problem I've had with the gay rights movement is the attack on my values and beliefs. I completely agree with the sentiment that the government shouldn't legislate someone's bedroom, but isn't passing out this literature to children an attempt to do just that, only with a private group working hand in hand with a co-opted government instead of directly from the horse's mouth? If you are fighting for equal rights, you are fighting to be the same as us. Instead, it occurs to me that the movement isn't about gays getting equal protection, but that the left has entered the equation and are using the movement to tear down traditionalists like myself.

Plus, as detailed in the article and in other comments, producing this smut for the consumption of children leaves a lot of us in the impossible situation of trying to explain away this event to people who believe that all gay people are inherently evil and want to corrupt our children's minds. There are those of us who defend your right to be gay, even people like me who don't believe in gay marriage (take marriage out of the government's hands camp here!), who can't really argue something like this away, doing a disservice to your fight. It seems to me that too many gay people don't realize that this fight isn't their fight, it's the left's fight and they're being used as the boxing gloves.

onecent 73p · 3 hours ago One more time, folks, get sex out of our public schools, it is not the responsibility or prerogative of the government to be educating our children on sexual matters. It is the prerogative of parents and belongs in the home. And, yes, there will be parents that won't do it or will do a bad job of it, but, prove to me that in the decades since the government and the teacher's union took on this task that the stats on promiscuity and teenage pregnancies have gotten any better? Parents have the right to the timing and content of sex education.

The clowns running the public schools can't even teach basic math/reading/critical thinking skills let alone be charged with the task of something as morality based as sex education. These are the same clowns that thread the unsubstantiated and unchallenged bad science of GW across all grades without our permission too. Too many "too busy" and clueless parents have mindlessly surrendered their kids to the liberal education complex. Privatize the public schools with a voucher system and kill this monster.

Ditching the old "Mothers know best" is what have been screwing up in the first place. Who on earth told GLSEN, the department of education, the goverment and et-al that they know better than me what's the timing to teach my child about sexual education? Try to mess up with this Cuban American mother or my Cuban American 2.0 in-the-making and you'll have the best cultural competency lesson of your life...

Still waiting for the resignation and the next Van Jones moment... tic, tic, tic...

Oh, boy! Rubio & Crist tied in polls!

And merely 11 months prior to the elections!
Personal bias aside, this Cuban American 2.0 is rocking the boat in Florida.

Yes, he can! ... and, sorry, Charlie!
For a full inmersion program on who Marco Rubio is - former Florida Speaker of the House, BTW- check here.

I would have to add that, since the very first second I saw the video of this speech at at CANF luncheon honoring Obama during the presidential campaign - yep, Obama- I just loved the way this man got in the face of the Messiah-in-the-making and how he put the now state-run MSM back in its place, all with magnificent grace and elegance.

Agreed with Babalu: CANF pulled out that video from YouTube -which deactivated my own link, of course-  and they NEED to put it back. Period.
Here is Val's transcript of the speech.

Dec 14, 2009

Cuba, "Hope & Change" and fishy smell...

An American contractor and/or tied to the Obama administrations, in Cuba with a tourist visa, has been detained by Cuban State Security since Dec. 5th, alledgedly for distributing laptops and cellphones.

And what's gonna happen when the travel restrictions are lifted and Americans starts flooding the communism's museum, bringing democracy with each mojito and underage sexual relationship? Oh, wait, that is spying or enemy propaganda; that is not as dangerous as tha forbidden access that laptops and cellphones can give to the Cuban slaves, so is it "bringing democracy one mojito at a time", or "one cell phone at a time"... never mind.

The (fishwrap) New York Times  waited a week to come up with the story?
Weird. Very weird.

Castro's kabuki theater to hold onto the embargo and avoid losing his eternal excuse, prisoners trade off... humm, humm, humm.

Dec 11, 2009

Fistgate VI: more disturbing news

This time, Big Government points out detailed information from a booklet used at the GLSEN conference - founded by (Un) Safe Schools Czar Kevin Jennings - that suggested queer boys to have anal sex with strangers in public parks.


Grassroots Nation has started a public petition to fire Jennings.

Share it. Blog it. Twitter it. Facebook-it. Email it.
Act according to your conscience.

On Wednesday, The Washington Times ran an editorial asking the questions that are long time overdue by our state-controlled mass media:

"It is outrageous that someone involved in this scandal is being paid by the taxpayers to serve in a high-powered position at the Education Department, of all places. At some point, Mr. Duncan, Mr. Jennings, Obama administration spokesmen and the president himself are going to have to start answering questions about all this. Refusing to do so won't make the issue go away."

World Net Daily reports that more than four dozen members of Congress have signed a letter to President Obama urging the removal of Kevin Jennings, the pro-homosexual activist appointed to head the nation's office of safe schools.

Waiting for the next's Van Jones moment...

Cuba: worst credit record in the world, and even worst human rights record

Huge hat tip to US Sen.Bob Menéndez, (D) New Jersey, for the speech he gave in the Senate floor last night. Posted at Capitol Hill Cubans (via Babalú Blog) here is an excertp, with my own side thoughts:

I rise to speak about the Omnibus bill before the Senate and specifically about provisions on Cuba that have not passed the Senate and have not been subjected to debate by this body. [Corrupted lobbying alert: why are foreign relations issues related to Cuba hidden in an appropiations bills in the US?] These provisions would undo current law, where the Castro regime would have to pay in advance of shipment for goods being sold to them – despite their terrible credit history.
Yes, Cuba's credit history is horrible. The Paris Club of creditor nations recently announced that Cuba has failed to pay almost $30 billion in debt (not related to official development assistance). Among poor nations, that's the worst credit record in the world. So I ask: if the Cuban government has put off paying those who it already owes $30 billion, why does anyone think it would meet new financial obligations to American farmers?

Considering the serious economic crisis we're facing right now, we need to focus on solutions for hard-working Americans, not subsidies for a brutal dictatorship. [Bravo, Bob, for common sense logic!] We should evaluate how to encourage the regime to allow a legitimate opening – not in terms of cell phones and hotel rooms that Cubans can't afford, but in terms of the right to organize, the right to think and speak what they believe.

However, what we are doing with this Omnibus bill, M. President, is far from evaluation, and the process by which these changes have been forced upon this body is so deeply offensive to me, and so deeply undemocratic, that I have no intention – no intention - of continuing to vote for omnibus appropriations bills if they are going to jam foreign policy changes down throats of members, in what some consider "must pass" bills. I am putting my colleagues on notice, if you do that – that's fine – but don't expect me to cast critical votes to pass your bill. [Pantalones, anyone?]
From there, Sen. Menéndez exposed a whole list of blackmailed European governments that are beding to (c)astro's extorsion in order to savage some of the money owed to their companies investing in Cuba.

And then, takes on the horrible human rights records the communist dictatorship has, and call the due names on those who want to make money and coddle with the regimen and could care less about the rights of ordinary Cubans:

I don't know if there is a Spanish-version of this speech yet; but I am planning to make my own free translation during the day, and I will email it to as many people I can. It's a lifetime sense lesson how to get yourself a good set of pantalones to call things the way they are.
The real reason why so many, whose work is often subsidized by business interests, advocate Cuba policy changes is about money and commerce, not about freedom and democracy. It makes me wonder why those who spend hours and hours in Havana, listening to Fidel Castro's soliloquies, cannot find minutes for human rights and democracy activists. It makes me wonder why those who go and enjoy the sun of Cuba, will not shine the light of freedom on its jails full of political prisoners. They advocate for labor rights in the U.S. but are willing to accept forced labor in Cuba. They talk about democracy in Burma, but are willing to sip rum with Cuba's dictators.

Dec 10, 2009

Human Rights Day

Curse word in Cuba.

Dare to mention it, like Dr. Darsi Ferrer does, and you'll ended up in jail. However, there are countless of useful idiots in the United States that have the guts to defend the communist dictatorship and to stand by the plantation's owner. Hipocrisy? Nah! I have a better word in Spanish, but I won't even try to translated into English, out of simple decency.

Here is a CNN clip that shows (c)astro mob's assaulting peaceful dissidents trying to march in La Habana to conmemorate Human Rights Day. A British diplomat that was trying to join the peaceful demonstration was also assaulted by the goverment's mob.

Flashback in history. (Scroll down to the end of the post, to the white and black photos)

(Jews being humilliated and forced to clean the streets in Nazi Germany. Average people around watch... and with their silence, approve)

Bertha Soler, Dama de Blanco (Lady in White) and wife of human rights activitist, rising her un-armed arms (there is no 2nd Amendment in Cuba remember?) being attacked by the goverment mob, while trying to silently and peacefully march for the freedom of her husband.

More photos at The Real Cuba.

Another youtubed evidence of the goverment attacks against the Ladies in White:

More on the Fistgate... grab a barf bag, or two, or three

Part IV: Only in the Obama White House can a man with a history of handing out bar guides to teens be promoted to Safe Schools Czar

Part V: One of the "instructors" in the fisting workshop said all her higher ups knew and approved the content of the conference's presentations.

The golden quote - and take home lesson here - is what this educator said to a newspaper in Boston:

"She taught them sex because she thought she knew better than the parents what should be taught to the children."

This is the mentality that rules deep in the brain of all socialists, communists, statits and et-al: we, regular common sense parents are so subnormal and stupid that we need a goverment bureocrat to educate our children.

Apply that rule to all phases of your life and society and what do you get? The sick, twisted and freak this country is being taken to...

Last night, Hannity covered on his show.
Where is the rest of the media?
Where is the resignation?
Where is the prosecution?

Where are the Hispanic / Latino reporters and journalists covering this story and letting Spanish-speaking parents know what's happening with their kids in public schools?

Where? Where? Where?

I am thinking in doing my own free translation of a summary of all this and email it to all Spanish-speaking parents that I have on my several email contact lists...

Dec 9, 2009

FISTGATE Part III - Oh, my! This has no end?!

(Check the summary I posted yesterday here, or check Jim Hoft's original stories posted at Big Government.)

Thought your kids were safe at school?
Well, think again.

The sordid saga with Kevin Jennings, Obama's finger/fist-appointed Safe Schools Czar seems to have no end.

Today, Hoft delivered the third part of his investigative reporting on Jenning's involvement with the organization GLSEN and the type of "education" this group has delivered to public school students in Massachussets.

The whole thing get sicker by the minute, so you better go directly to the source. I just had lunch and need to keep my food down.Even worse, Hoft wrote that there is more to come...

(Remember that some of those links to original documents, audios and images from the 2005 GLSEN conference are sexually explicit.)

Again, this is not about teaching teenagers respect to other people's sexual preferences. This is not about Aids/HIV or STD's prevention. This is not about teaching our kids to be responsible adults.

This is something that goes way above and beyond, in a very twisted and sicked sense. I can't help to wonder what a father on his right mind would think of seeing his son attending this kind of conferences.

Again, we prosecute the scumbags who corrupt and lure our kids with child pornography and those who sexually abuse them in any form. But this guy - who has more skeletons in his closet that the world's biggest cementery - gets a free pass and a cabinet position with the Obama administration.

Oh, boy... tell me who your friends are...

Shared De-ja-vu

She is from Russia. And I am from Cuba.
Now, we're both Americans.

And we shared the same concerns about our children's future, while we see the very great country that gave us a second chance in life, going down the drains of radical liberals and socialists. - Perspective Of A Russian Immigrant (No. 4)

Dec 8, 2009

Obama's "Safe School Czar" and his organization is NOT SAFE for our children in public schools

But, as usual, we are still waiting for our great MSM to pick up the story... and let's not even get to the Spanish media, ok? Forget about how easy is to get the tip with Mr. Google to start with...

DISCLAIMER: this post is not about judging people's sexual orientation - which I have no problem with, being one way or the other, or a third or fourth one. This post is about what I think, as a mother, is the best for the safety of my son, should he attend a public school in the near future. What on earth happened to the old "Mother knows best" and this administration?!

* * * * * * *
Four days ago, a spooky story started popping out on my Twitter list and some of the blogs I read on a daily basis. And I - being English my second language - even had to go to a good old dictionary to find out was "fisting" is. Brace yourself, parents with common sense out there. This is not looking good.

Personally, I can't help to feel repulsion and wanting to through up at the mere thought that, at some point in the future, my son could be a student in of these conferences.

It is not a matter of being more pure, saint and cast that anybody else, it is a matter of common sense because, at end, conferences like this teach nothing about respecting other people's sexual preferences!

I work training health care professionals about being sensitive towards people from other cultures or social / religious groups. Being a Cuban born (and made in the USA) Latina, I know a thing or two about cultural differences. And I professionally strive to do my job in a way that people who come to us feel welcomed, no matter their background. After all, we're all Americans, who have agreed to live in the best country of the world, right?

But this is something completely different, sick and twisted.

Meet Kevin Jennings, Obama's finger - or should I say fist?- appointed "Safe Schools" Czar, under the Department of Education. Back in 1997, this individual founded the Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Education Network (GLSEN). Acording to Jim Hoft, from Big Government, last Friday Scott Baker from Breitbart.TV and Co-Host of ‘The B-Cast‘ submitted a shocking report on Obama’s Safe Schools Czar Kevin Jennings. This report was also posted at Gateway Pundit blog.

It seems that GLSEN, Jenning's organization sponsored a yought conference in Tuft University, back in March 2000, where high school students were explicitly tought how to engage in a sexual practice called "fisting". They were even giving kits to do it, and there are undercover transcripts and videos of the "educational session". (Planned Parenthood of Massachusetts distributed kits for fisting and oral sex. They contained a single plastic glove, a package of K-Y lubricant and instructions on how to make a “dental dam” out of the material.) More on the sordid audiotapes at Mass Resistance.

And just a tiny detail; the instructors at this conference were Massachissets state employees.

Not that being enough, Jenning's same organization put together and promoted a list of books, both in English and Spanish, (GLSEN BookLink) to promote awareness and diversity in public schools that is way beyond the goal of teaching sensitivity and awareness of other people's sexual preferences:

"Book after book after book contained stories and anecdotes that weren’t merely X-rated and pornographic, but which featured explicit descriptions of sex acts between pre-schoolers; stories that seemed to promote and recommend child-adult sexual relationships; stories of public masturbation, anal sex in restrooms, affairs between students and teachers, five-year-olds playing sex games, semen flying through the air. One memoir even praised becoming a prostitute as a way to increase one’s self-esteem. Above all, the books seemed to have less to do with promoting tolerance than with an unabashed attempt to indoctrinate students into a hyper-sexualized worldview."
GLSEN, by the way, also sponsored "Santa is coming out", a play where Santa comes out of the closet and declares his love to Mr Geppetto. Michelle Malkin also posted a list of GLSEN sponsors. Sadly, Eastman Kodak, which has a plant nearby my house, is included in the list and is standing by its decision. (I can't help to wonder what parents on their right mind, working at Kodak, would thing about it).

Now, I am just a working Mom over here, that would do anything to ensure the safety of her child. For some people, that might be seen as being a slow-learner, not-cool, intransigent and even raaaacist mother.

Therefore, I need to be  enlightened:
If we legally prosecute the scumbags that lure our children into child pornography, why this guy and its accolades are not in court, right now? A resignation could be a good starting point.

Going back to Hoft closing question is a must: do you feel safe now?

The hope this country needs...

lies in the hands of congressional candidates like retired army Lt. Col. Allen West.

American Thinker posted an article back in March on how people like West can help us to "start getting our political class off being stuck on stupid."

Down to earth, commonsense Americans like him are the ones we need to help us take our country back from the path to socialism & statism the current administration is taking us to.

I was impressed and moved by his speech and if I lived in the 22nd District of Broward County, in Florida, this gentleman would have had my vote, in a heartbeat.
I say we need to vote out all incumbent politicians- or the biggest majority, from both parties - and get common sense Americans in office.

There are many Sarah Palins around us... we just need to look harder, get involved and as Mr. West said, step out to the plate for the sake of our children's future. 

As I've written in my posts before, I already lost a country - by default, I should add. I do not want my son to lost his, and then me, ended up telling him that I didn't do anything to fight for it.

But that might be just me, you know, a crazy and intransigent Cuban American Mom... :-)

Chavez loads on Russian missiles

Venezuela's Hugo "Monkey" Chavez publicly said today that he bought thousands of Russian missiles and its rockets launchers, because Colombia and the United States are going to attack and invade him and his kingdom.

Whatever weed Evo Morales is shipping him from Bolivia must be good or tampered; it is obviously damaging the scarce neurones Chavez has left.

Why do I find this tune so familiar?

Oh, wait! I'm Cuban born, under castro's plantation. And as far as my memory can go back on time, we always have to be prepared for the invasion from the americanos.

It is so surreal, that even a few weeks ago the slave-owners were trying to entertain the masses, yet again, with the same kabuki theater.

The stupidity of these crap of human beings - not to be more explicitly accurate - knows no limits. Back there in Cuba, and myself living a few feets from the shoreline, WE dreamt with the americanos. It was just like; OK, I just want them to get here, pronto!

I had a friend that used to say: "The only thing I really want is to have the americanos getting in here, now!. I need them to get rid of this communist crap that is killing us over time. I can even put a sign on my front door: Marines, mi casa es su casa".

The dictatorship efforts to deviate people's thougths from real life needs, hunger, misery, lack of freedom and repression knows no limits. The trully believe our brains were removed the minute we were born under their dark communist rule.

And just a while ago, a Venezuelan friend tells me story of a relative of her that recently told her: "You know what, I don't care to be called the most unpatriotic person in Venezuela; I just want the marines to get here, now!".

Coincidence? Don't think so.

Meanwhile, Emperor-to-be Obama is amused seing the unicorns flying over the east garden of the White House, barking at the wrong - or was it bowing at the wrong king? - and drooling over Hopenhagen.

Dec 7, 2009

Cuba 2009: The View

As I've posted a few weeks ago, my father has finally joined us to live in peace and freedom in this exceptional country that is the United States. It is, indeed, the first time in ten years, since I left Cuba, that I will have my immediate family together for Christmas.

We really don't want any special gifts. The sole gift of being together and seing my son growing up with his abuelos is the ultimate gift any mother would wish to ask from Santa.

The process of bringing my father was long and grueling. It became specially stressing last summer, when my father suffered two heart attacks in a row, back there in the gulag. After a nine months ordeal for me to get the authorization (visa) to enter the country where I was born - yep, and after spending +/- $2000 in payments to the Cuban government - I was finally able to make a quick crash travel back to Havana to see him. And my former-reporter-blogger spirit traveled with me.

I brought pictures, stories and impressions that left me emotionally drained, depressed and sad to see what my homeland has become. I also came happier, prouder and uber-grateful of my adopted homeland.

Photographs were a challenge: everybody is scare to death of everything and everybody else. Besides, I couldn't play the courageous role; I spent two weeks there, almost secluded in my family's home, but I had to leave my father behind, and I had to think in his own safety at all times.

From now on, I will forced my overworked brain to remember those details, to tell the stories of what I saw.

Here is one of the first pictures that I took:

A quick pick, from the car, of a state-run daycare center in Guanabacoa, East of Havana. This place is right accross the street from the immigration municipal offices where I had to go and pay a $50.00 permit for my American-born-citizen son to stay at my family's house in Alamar.

Do you really want to have free and for all, goverment-run daycare services?
Are you willing to pay the ultimate price: freedom and the indoctrination of your children?
Think again. And be careful what you wish for... there is no such a thing as a free lunch.

Dec 3, 2009

Picture of the Year

Huevos hondureños (Honduran balls) for sale.
As recently seen at a rally against comunistoid Daniel Ortega, in Nicaragua.
'Nuff said.

I can't help to wonder if we shouldn't start importing some of those "huevos" to the US know, in case need them to defend our Constitution in the near future...

FYI, thanks to those Honduras huevos, communist-in-the-making ousted ex president Zelaya (I am telling you that hat has seriously damaged the guy's brain) has been cornered and the Honduras Congress, by majority, voted against restoring him in the presidency.

See? The effectiveness of the Honduran huevos...

Agreed with Ziva on the money quote. It is for our children that we have to stand up against these communist thugs and their wannabe cronies all over the world:

"My vote is a lesson for anyone who pretends to perpetuate himself in power. My vote is so that my son can look at me and say 'Dad you defended democracy," said Antonio Rivera of Lobo's conservative National Party."