Jun 4, 2007

Bison's pics @ Terry Ranch

These are the American buffaloes (Bison Bison) at Terry Ranch, in Wyoming. The one at front is the leading bull, a 16-years-old huge animal. They even had a one day old baby, a yak —a model of bison from the Tibet) and one with white spots: a cross between a bison and a Longhorn Texas bull. Wow!

I learned from the guide that bisons can not be heard with horses, like they would do with cows. Bisons usually charge at the horses and kill them. These herds are kept in the ranch 100 days or so a year, the rest of the year they are just roaming in free range.

The ranchers put the water in their way, they smell it and then, migrate in the water's direction, while everyday, ranchers put the water closer to the ranch. Interesting, humm?

¿Se imaginan esos búfalos roaming free en los campos de Cuba? De los pobres infelices no quedarían ni los pelos que largan en el invierno.

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