Jun 1, 2007

The Cubans are coming!... through online blogs!

I've been thinking for days that I have to share with whoever eventually would read these posts about the wonderful blogs hosted by Cubans and Cuban-Americans that I've get attached to.

My favorite so far?
My Big Fat Cuban Family
The blogger, Marta Darby, is a Cuban that fled the island with her parents when she was young, and ended up settling down in California.
The best thing about her blog? It's not just her posting and stories, it's like a virtual meeting place where you can travel through the lives of many Cubans, living all over the U.S.

Got any babies? Click in the link to visit Bilingual in the Boonies
and take a look at some "Los pollitos dicen pío pío" kiddos designs. (What is the Boonies anyway?)

If you are strong enough to dive in deeper waters, then jump into Babalú
Heck of hot topics you'll find there!, especially if you really enjoy political debates "A la Cuban".

And please, do not allow yourself to miss the Cuban recipes. You know, modestia aparte, it's not because is my homeland food...but it is just SO good, you really shouldn't miss it.

Marta, when I grow older, I wanna a be a blogger like you. OMG! Tengo tanto que aprender (I have sooooo many things to learn!).

1 comment:

Marta said...

Felicidades! And welcome to the Cuban blogosphere.
- Marta