Jun 18, 2007

Good news in the horizon

Hello everyone, especially my Nicolasín —whenever you read this post—.
It's been a few days since my last post. Busy days, actually. We're teething, meaning we are sleepless in Greeley.
Father's Day: barbecue and dominó con los Ramírez, atracón de pastelitos de guayaba, coco y guayaba & queso... reason to write another post with some pics...

But I have very good news to share... soon, I'll be joining the side of the "former-reporters-working-Moms", not to quit being a working Mom, but to go into a whole new field: health care and cooking classes.

Don't worry, they are not tied together.

I just got an exciting work offer as cultural care coordinator, alas, leading the programs to teach cultural competence and diversity among the staff in a family clinic associated with Poudre Valley Hospital... and I am SO ready to accept it.

The advantages are so much, that I won't even list them. Above all, Nicolasín, his Pampers and my own sake will get the most benefit from this career change.

And the second experiment is the Cuban cooking classes program —whose presentation flyer and draft I just finished— that I'm planning to proposed in local markets and restaurants, in the same town where my new job will be.

Last week I received my Cocina al Minuto from amazon.com, along with another book in English, so the next step is going to Kinko's to print out the program presentation and voilá...a tocar puertas para vender my own business idea.

Please, wish me luck in both endeavors.

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