Aug 15, 2007

Those Cuban's "Japi Berdeis"

D-Day of my birthday, my-friends-the-Cubans-from-Loveland, make two delicious lasagnas for dinner. In this pic, we're just getting things ready to land in the dinner table.

I've told you before.

Everything is about having all the friends around the food --and, ideally, around a dominó table.

It's about the pleasure to set up parties and gatherings at your home without the need to give a month in advance notice.

It's about the luck to have friends that you can call any day of the week, either to ask for help to fix something in your house or to reply that you'll be "dropping by" after work to taste the congrí y las albóndigas.

Get yourself those items and you'll be able to gather all Cubans around you... even if you are in the middle of the Western plains of the United States, far, far away from our tropical island and its replica, our beloved Florida.

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