Sep 27, 2007

Un día "atravesao"

Really tough day.
And it started to turn into it since last night, when my Mom told me a dear friend and longtime neighbor was just diagnosed as HIV positive.

"Not a big deal with today's medicine investigations", any "open-minded" person would say. But it's not so easy: my friend and loyal neighbor is in Cuba, and the news is still breaking my heart.

So far, the only thing I've been able to do is giving him my sympathies, my support with everything he needs (and I bet you that he WILL) and the promise to take proper care of his health. Through an email; because the @#$% phone calls to Cuba are so @##$# expensive!
(Now I am sad and pissed off at the same time).

I'm being told that HIV positive and Aids patients are not being confined in Los Cocos anymore; at least as massively as they used to be while I was still living in Cuba. But I can't help worrying about him, his well being and most importantly, his future.

Although is a tough battle to fight, in the US and other developed countries, HIV patients have greater chances to survive around 20 years with proper treatment. I am not sure in Cuba the survival rate is that high. My friend was put into treatment and special diet right away, but there are no guarantees that he'll always have the medication, the diet he needs to follow nor even the access to cutting edge treatments that could prolong and increase his chances of survival, while keeping on the hope that a cure is gonna be found.

Right now, I just feel helpless.
I wish I could do thousand things to help my neighbor, but I just don't have the slightest idea where to start.

The second KO of they day arrived pretty early in the morning.
Cubans from Loveland left the Rocky Mountains front range and went back to Miami. Good for them!

Bad for us that now are feeling like if a dear family member went on a mission in a far away kingdom and we don't know when are we going to see them again.

Good bye frijoles negros acabados de hacer on my way home, good bye juego de dominó los fines de semana. Good bye and buen viaje for them. I just hope we can get together again, pretty soon.

Now that I have vented my misery, I'm just dusting off all this from my shoulders, because the show must go on.

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