Nov 5, 2007

Shocked and pleased...

Right here, in Colorful Colorado --where only a few people know about Cuba and most of them are clueless about the reality of the island, NPR surprised me with its report on Oscar Elías Biscet in today's "Morning Edition".

It was music to my ears.

I was driving to my office, listen to NPR as usual (and craving, as usual, for a radio station like that in Spanish...) when it took by surprise listening to Biscet name, how President Bush awarded him with the Medal of Freedom, and how he won't be able to receive it, because he's imprisoned by the Castro's government.

A little bit more than two minutes. That's what usually takes a radio report.
But it felt so good. It felt like it was the right thing to do --for them.

Biscet was at some point compared to this administration political views, but you know what, at this point, I really don't care that much about that.

The point is that he was described as a pacifist, follower of Ghandi and Dalai Lama, inspired by Martin Luther King, pro-life Cuban doctor that have been in jail several years, just for daring to speak against Castro's government and its policies towards health care amd its lack of respect for human rights.

(Yep, that same health care system that a sicko filmmaker portrayed in a sicko-film that was recently debunked by some really sickening images of Cuban hospitals)

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