Dec 20, 2007

Traying to save the human spirit.

I do have faith in the human being.
I do have faith in the values of this country and in the principles Americans live by; even when real life situations often make me forget that.

On the other hand, in mornings like today's, when I read about Americans speaking out about the situation of my homeland, all that faith is multiply by the thousands.

Via Babalú Blog, today I met John Cross, AKA "Footy" in the South Florida radio waves. And I just want to thanks him for being another non-Cuban willing to see the reality of the island.

Footy and Cuban American Ignacio Méndez went to Cuba for a few days.
The Cuban American went to met his relatives and to see the place he left behing more that 30 years ago. The American went to document the real life of the real Cubans.

And this is the excellent video they came up with.

My favorite part?
When Footy acknowledges that Castro's regimen "is killing the human spirit".

Gosh! there were so many days that I felt exactly the same thing!
Some kind of Big Brother was killing my human identity, was erasing my brain and trying to suck up my feelings... I felt hopeless. I felt angry --and I do still feel angry, sometimes-- because that sicko regimen with that sicko man tried really hard to steal my whole life from me.

Finally, someone gets it, straight y sin vaselina.
Boy, you have to be there to believe it!

Thank you both, for doing this.
It is highly needed in today's US society.

(I can't wait to see my boy getting older enough to see and read this)

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