Feb 27, 2008

Looking for some answers

Call me ignorant or whatever, but there are algunas cosas que no acabo de entender. (Thanks to George, from The Real Cuba, for summarized them for me).

However, despite the long way I still have ahead to define my faith, I totally agree with this", as posted in CubaWatch:

"During his visit to the Pearl of the Antilles, our brothers and sisters saw no condemnation of the Stalinist regime that has brutally murdered thousands. They heard no calls for an end to the dictatorship in hopes of a democratic transition. Our families saw only polite handshakes and a condemnation of the U.S. trade embargo meant to – yet again – present the dictatorship as a tiny David pitted against its gigantic Goliath to the north, La Yuma.

The facts, caballeros, hablan por sí mismos.

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