Mar 6, 2008

Another mission acomplished

Estoy en un maratón of reading in my revolution reeducation program. I have like 33 years of the Cuba history that I need to catch up.

I just finished reading "Secreto de Estado: las primeras doce horas tras la muerte de Fidel Castro. And the comment written in the front page is totally right: once you start reading, it's impossible to stop. That's what I call escribir con gancho.

I loved the reality of everything, from the language to the detailed explanation of the different ramifications (and internal conflicts) within the Cuban aparato.

I only wish it was not a novel... only if it could be, at some point, a documentary describing the reality... well, maybe I'm asking too much.
But I still can help to think about the real (or fictional) existence of some of the characters. We need a General Carmenate and a Falka so bad!
A very good point? The Americans are so en Belén con los pastores when it comes to know the truth about the castro's evil way of thinking, that sometimes I really fell pity for them. Beyond the novel frame and all the way to reality, there are so many so clueless!
Where am I right now, one may wonder?
Getting into Fontova's "Fidel Castro; Hollywood favorite tyrant".
Go figure!

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