Mar 24, 2008

Blogs bloqueados "a la Cuban"

Why I am not surprised?
Well, because after all, we're talking about Cuba.

Now it's vox populi that two blogs being written from Cuba, with, let's say, "not very favorable views of the mess", have been blocked from the island, to the island's viewers. Zip.

No more Generación Y or Potro Salvaje. (Por ahora, I would like to think).

No more freedom of speech. "C'Mon! Did you really believed you have it in the first place", are the communication segurosos saying while I post here.

I wanted to save a round up of the news, you know, for the sake of history.

With Yoani's take at Babalú.
At Penúltimos Días and other newspaper's sites, with a lot of comments.

What I think? Not that much... it was too good to be true. Remember, we're talking about of freedom of speech, in Cuba.

For me, sounded kind of weird Yoani's open posts describing how she accessed the internet and posted in her blog. More or less the same with el potro, openly asking for tips to skip the censorship.

Did they really never thought that all the mono-neuronales from the aparato will be able to read and track those blogs as well? Or were they in componenda with them? (UCI-show kind of stuff)

I honestly don't know what to think. Although, as always, I'll give them the benefit of the doubt.
Time will tell.

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