Apr 3, 2008

A golden gem; and cristal clear about Cuba

I've never heard of or read The Conservative Voice before; neither have any idea who Craig Chamberlain is.

But today, after adding some newsreels to my blog, I've discovered this golden gem about the so called reforms taking place in Cuba.

The title of his commentary say it all: "Cell phones or not; Cuba still suffers".

Directo al grano:

"Cubans barley have enough to eat, and don't buy the line that it is the fault of the embargo. Cuba trades with every other country in the world, and when it comes to food they do trade with America. American farmers are allowed to ship their goods to Cuba. Still Cuba doesn't have enough to eat. This isn't because of some embargo it is because socialism does not work. The crushing of individual freedom, and government control of the economy only produces misery".

It's good to see that, at least once in a blue moon, someone other than those of us that have met first hand the communist dictatorship, finally gets it.

His best line?
"The problem with Cuba is communism".

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