May 23, 2008

And, after the tornado alert went off...

While people born and raised here were saying: "Heck, these things happen in Kansas, not in our backyards!".
While people entendida en la materia were saying yesterday there was not the right temperature, not the usual time of the day, not the usual pressure to see an EF 3 or 4 tornado, less likely to happen int he front range, where the Rockies usually protect us from these things...
While this community started to see the damages of the one mile wide tornado like this.
While a second alert of a tornado could hit West Greeley around 4:30 p.m. (which means it could hit, literally, our neighborhood) was dismissed.
After all this happened half a mile from our house, after seeing in the late news that the path of the tornado barely missed our neighborhood, after learning from neighbors that they saw the tornado from their second floor windows, expecting that thing to move two inches and head directly towards us...
These Cubans over here, more used to deal with ciclones than with tornadoes, needed to replenish these minds and bodies after such a hell of a scare.
Therefore, we ran to the grocery store as soon as the alert went off, and got this:

Two seconds after the first buchito, we were ready pa'lo que sea, again.
Now, seriously, we are being told we have to keep watching the skies this afternoon, between 1 and 4:30 p.m.
And I keep praying to be lucky enough, again.

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