May 22, 2008

"[A] José Daniel, mientras tenga su mentalidad, nadie le va a violar sus derechos"

An astonishing proof of the nature of castro's communist dictatorship has been traveling all over the web since this morning.

José Daniel Ferrer Garcia, a prisoner of conscience who worked with the Christian Liberation Movement and the Varela Project, is giving the world more than enough proof on how human rights are violated by the regimen.

It's also giving us a knocking lesson of courage, faith and how to be consequent with justice, no matter the price one has to pay.

In a report posted by the Cuban Democratic Directorate, independent journalist Juan Carlos Gonzales Leiva is telling the story of his conversation with Ferrer Garcia, who is being held at a prison in Guantánamo.

Leiva is asking the world to take note and hear how the telephone conversation was being interrupted by the prison guards and how Ferrer Garcia was savagely beaten up when he stood up for his freedom of speech.

"Si hay un nuevo cuestionamiento con el teléfono, no hay entendimiento. Yo allí comienzo mi protesta nuevamente. ¿Juan Carlos, tú me escuchas? Te llamo en 10 minutos. Si no te llamo, José Daniel está en celda de aislamiento, José Daniel está muerto a palos, porque José Daniel, mientras tenga su mentalidad, nadie le va a violar sus derechos.”

"If there is another issue with the telephone, there will be no understanding. I will begin my protest anew then. Juan Carlos, are you listening to me? I will call you in 10 minutes. If I do not call you, José Daniel is in solitary confinement or José Daniel was beaten to death, because as long as José Daniel is capable of thinking, no one will violate his rights.”

Garcia Ferrer is heard, in Spanish, openly defying the guards and shouting against communism and the system that violates his rights.

H/T to Cuban Democratic Directorate, Babalú, The Real Cuba and Ideas del Forista.

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