May 5, 2008

To kick off a lousy Monday

Sometimes you just need to give yourself a red pedicure.

Only then, it won't matter that it's Monday, that you are at work, tired and sleepy, and dreading to be at home.

It won't matter that even when we are supposed to be in full-bloomed spring, you haven't been able to wear open-toe sandals, yet.

Even if you do it yourself at home (like I do), that red pedicure will boost your energy up to levels where you will forget the fact that you might not be able to go to your Miami homeland this summer.

And that shy concept one usually hold, the one that says you are supposed to have a discreet and simple French style nail polish in order to be "chic"?

Well, that concept will definitively be buried under the icy frost and spring snow covering the garden of us, Cubans up here in Colorado.

(I think I need some vacations)

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