May 7, 2008

Trashing some SicKO bigotry

It's been business as usual for Michael Moore.

Tons of love for Castro's Inc, its free health care and education. But let's make it clear: from the security of his housing and lifestyle built upon the democracy and rights the US Constitution guarantees for everyone in this country, including scumbags like him.

The new fashion is that now, Moore pretends to be "nonjudgmental" when asked, in Larry King Live, about Rev. Jeremiah Wright's comments.

How cute he is!
The devil is on the details; and there are quite some details written by Moore in "Downsize This" about... you've guessed it! Cuban Americans.

This masterful KO comes from our very own Humberto Fontova.
Read the entire column in NewsMax here.

Moraleja: We really don't need to be praised by tipejos como este sicko. Actually, being sneered by him is some sort of honor. Modestia aparte, that idiot commie no nos llega a la suela de los zapatos.

Jeez! Sometimes I really can not believe what comes out of this ass... mouth!


Brainwaves said...

I share the same feeling about Moore, but: what's about those firefighters whom doesn't get medical atention in the american soil?
they are heros, they risk their lives in 9-11 and they are sick with no medical coverage.
It is real?
It's is another fraud from Moore?
I don't live in the States, I living here in Canada, where that situation is unthinkable and I need to know. I read tons of information about "sicko" but nobody answer me this question:
Why an american heros from 9-11 are in this situation?
Why that fat ass Moore had the opportunity to hail ( once more) the "great" health cuban system bring them up to Cuba where they got all kind of medical cares, including really expenses drugs?
could you answer me?

Cubanita in Colorado said...

Brainwaves, I live in the US and there is no doubt the health care system needs to be fixed, specially if things like that with the firefighters are happening. (coming from Moore, I honestly will need a second source, and third one, and a fourth one too).

But the biggest nonsense of all is to throw Cuba's system in the pot of comparison. I mean, it's like comparing apples to baseball bats.

Why didn't he use the healthcare system in Holland or Spain as reference points?

Well, because it will not serve the purpose of his trashy propaganda. The propaganda he needed to sell out about the part of the Cuban reality that is opened only to the mayimbes in the government and the foreigners with dollars that go there to lick the regimen's boots.

And why did he get away with his trashy wannabe leftift propaganda? Well, I am still trying to figure out that one...