Jun 20, 2008

Closing the week in high hot (news) mode

We have had quite a couple of jewels in the news today.
Great news to close the week--in a very ironically matter, of course.

First, after a week of dale pa'lante y dale pa'tras, I read that the European Union finally decided to continue playing castro's game (for a change) and lifted the so-called restrictions they imposed after the Black Spring crack down on dissidents in 2003.

Apparently, it does not matter that most of those dissidents are still in jail.

After checking PD collection of quotes, I wonder: what does castro and the Cuban G-2 know about Moratinos and Zapatero that have them literally eating from its hands? Big time dirty laundry, I guess.

I wonder if Europe would have accepted toaster ovens, cell phones and un-affordable computers instead of democracy and freedoms for their countries. I also wonder in whose ears fell the opinions of those directly affected.

But things get even better: a few hours after the EU released the decision to the news, castro's heir regimen imprisoned 7 dissidents whose whereabouts are so far unknown. Wow! I'm impressed with such improvements in human rights in Cuba!

On top of that, a press release and a demonstration against Obama has been announced in Miami, after it was known that two of his campaign advisers were high profile key players in the whole thing of sending Elián González back to Cuba. (Did they cheered with some bubbles after Elián was officially proclaimed member of the Young's Communist Union?)

More wacky details in NewsBusters (H/T to Babalú Blog)

Ay, mamá... prepárense para lo que viene!

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garrincha said...

i wonder the same myself, cubanita.

those guys are out of touch.
and boy, do they love to rip u. s apart.
those mojitos in la habana had something.

feliz post, y suerte.

saludos a john elway.