Jun 18, 2008

El regreso de la momia / The Mummy Returns

Some hands "up there" are trying to direct the move to bring us the mummy back. Well, you know what, I don’t buy it. And, apparently, I am not alone.

A video without audio (who knows what amount of caca was being said behind those quinta edad body movements), without a date, without a reference to the place where it was filmed, with the sole voice of Randy “the disgusting” Alonso and the final stupid phrase from chávez?

This is soooo prone to have been filmed centuries ago and filed to be use in the near future, to dispel rumors –one more time, of the mummy passing through hell’s door…

The mono-neuronal anormaloides have overused the scam so much; I really doubt it has any impact anymore. ¿Qué pasó con la creatividad? (Some creativity, please)

Caballeros, you know the Cuban saying: “if it smells like caca, looks like caca and taste like caca”, what else do you really think it could be?

Then (what a coincidence, eh?) the hand that directs the caca-andante reflections brings us the newest version of matrix reloaded; I mean, the new rant agaisnt Yoani Sánchez –with Hilda Molina metida en el potaje, in the prologue of a book probably dedicated to Evo “Cabeza de Melón” Morales.

Can someone, please, explain me what does global warming have to do with food contamination?, so I don't need to ask what does the c... have to do with the congress?

Anyway, one thing is clear; Yoani Sánchez is, indeed, en el pico de la piragua. Cuban bloggers out there –no matter what your stance is about Yoani, we have to keep our eyes opened and watch closely. As each day passes, la cama que le están preparando becomes even more dangerous.
In our voices might lies her safety.

But the best comes at the end: here is Yoani's husband's response the attacks against his wife. Magistral.

FYI, want to see the photos or the video of the mummy? Fine with me, but go to another of the thousand places that are dancing around the ghost with today’s news. I won’t bring that crap image over this blog. (I want to prevent my kiddo to have nightmares in the future, you know).

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