Jun 10, 2008

Why everytime I have to fill the tank I'm borderline to suffer a patatú: a very brief explanation

I've written before about some confusions I've been suffering lately. Too frequently, I would said.

And one of them is the sight of the numbers rolling in the pump every time I have to fill the tank.

MDH and I have to commute 45 min, ida y vuelta, to go to work every day. We live in a budget. Every time I go groceries shopping, the bill is bigger, bigger and bigger. I am the type of woman that clips coupons for everything and hold tight to my list. I rarely buy anything that is on full price. We have a kiddo that wears Pampers and whose gallons of milk last day and a half. In this country, having and driving a car is a need, not a luxury. MDH and I both work full time and hold another part-time teaching job because we don't want to inherit Nicolás with a bunch of credit card debts. For Christ's sake! We even switched the cars because I am the one that drives more; I'm now with the Caliber ortopédico and MDH is with the Tucson.

Therefore, when I put together all the thoughts that I've stated above, I can't help to wonder (and yes, feel confused about) why do I have to keep paying the rising costs of gas. Where is the final cap? Caballeros, hasta cuándo y hasta dónde vamos a llegar?

Then I find the most complete, detailed and hilarious explanation --vía Babalú Blog-- in the words of Pepe Peña, a character that I never met in the original TV series, but that I'm now gladly discovering.

His explanations of the rising gas prices and the global warming stuff are... priceless.

Not being enough, he now brings some stats, you know, for those that need numbers to support statements. (And for those of us that need those numbers to repel some statements)

What can I tell you?
I'm just a rookie citizen trying to learn in order to reduce the confusion, and to survive every time I head to the gas station.

Lo que menos necesito en estos momentos es que me de un patatú.
I have a child to raise...
I have to keep it cool...
Hummmmm (I might need to learn some yoga to cope)

H/T to Babalú Blog


Efory Atocha said...

Mi inglés es un poco de palo, pero me he reído con su prosa.

Un saludo.


claudia said...

Pagar $4/galón cada vez que lleno el tanque me saca de quicio! Y yo con dos hijas que toman galones y galones de leche, igual que tu pequeñito. Lo del presupesto, eso es chistoso en mi casa. :(