Sep 18, 2008

!Hackers contra Palin, seremos como...!

While commuting this morning to work, I was listening to KCOL 600 and almost chocked when I heard the news about hackers getting into Sara Palin’s email account on Yahoo, her family's photos and the screenshots posted on the Internet.

More than creepy.

Later, while checking Michelle Malkin’s details on it, I honestly couldn’t help to wonder why they didn’t do it with ‘the other’ – I mean, ‘The One’.

Risking myself to sound paranoid --which I don’t care very much, because you've heard the rule, this my blog and I blog what I want, but that's not the point being talked here-- I wonder if the Reloaded Rapid Response Brigade, Version USA, might remotely have something to do with this.

They did try to do a fine nice job with the radio show on WGN in Chicago and its interview with David Freddoso about his book “The Case Against Barack Obama”.

I may know a thing or two about Rapid Response Brigades and, guess what? They are usually lousy workers and it is very hard for them to really do a fine job. (Actually, Glen Beck took it to national spotlight, way more beyond the Chicago airwaves)

The caca trace is easy to identify and well, also the smell.

The feds are investigating. Civil suit, anyone?

It might end up like the Cuban story (cuento):
Brujo, gran caca, no jefe indiO.

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