Oct 29, 2008

What's for breakfast? Beware of heartburn

A lot.
In the past few days, I've been explaining this nation's breakfast menu --via email-- to family and friends.

(Impossible to reproduce here, since I've been doing that both in English and Spanish, to try to fill the huge gap Spanish media is giving away in this country. Isn't that amazing how language barriers can work for politics? but that's an idea for another post)

The prognosis for our stomachs, believe me, is not very promising:

We have, yet another evidence, of Bill Ayres communist crappy mind and Weather Underground's plan to "eliminate" all those die-hard Americans who refuse to embrace communism. Exhibit A is the 1982 documentary No Place To Hide and the interview the FBI agent inside WU back recently gave to Pajamas Media.

A slightly overlooked detail? In the living room of this guy's house was launched The One's campaign for the Illinois senate. And the few time he has been asked about Ayres, he has given a different version of the not-true story.

Welcome to the harvest of the sixties; a time-frame that, to paraphrase a friend, produced only one good thing: rock and roll music.

Did I mention that the FBI has evidence that Ayres and his gang received aid from castro's inc? And that the aforementioned evidence in the archives of The New York Times?

Exhibit B is The One's obsession with redistribution, that goes beyond taxes increases first for people making 250K/year, later for those making 200K/year and now for those making 150K/year. Actually, it could go to your 401(k)'s and to increase the higher earner's social security tax without increasing their benefits.

Check out the video where one of his mentors, Father Michael Pfleger , is saying that "...unless your are ready to give up the benefits, throw away your 401 fund, throw away your trust fund, throw away the money you put away..." we will be held responsible for what our ancestors did.

Isn´t that cute?
I wonder if he is talking about the part of my family that came from Spain during the colony, or the part of my family that came from Africa bringing their congo and carabalí heritage?

So, no, his 2001 comments on how the Constitution has flaws --that I bet he would gladly volunteer to fix-- are not the last thing. It's the beginning. (Audio here)

If you add to that pot Exhibit C; POR (Pelosi-Obama-Reid) Congress the most profligate of Bush years and you would only get a really bad scramble to start your morning.

I have casted my vote today. (Can you believe that? The first time in my thirty something years of live? I'm so proud of myself!--modestia aparte).

And I still have hopes because, despite what the media is giving for granted, the elections are not over yet. Voters always have said the last word.

But if that happens, I'm with Gusano: if the white pigeon does her business in Obama's shoulder during his coronation, people, I'm so out of here.

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