Oct 21, 2008

Would the last decent journalist, please, stand up?

I am a former reporter.

Former in the sense that I do not work in a newsroom anymore --for now. But anyone related to the life of a reporter know this is a fantasy.

Once you become a journalist --despite the type of journalist that you choose to be-- you will always be a reporter. You will be inked up to your veins forever. There is no way around it.

That's why when I analyze the media coverage of this presidential election, and the politics of this country in general, in the past few years, I feel verguenza ajena.

Seriously, I have felt ashamed of this profession that I hold so dear, although I know that I do not have any direct responsibility with the lack of ethics of so many lousy journalists out there.

George, from Babalu, asked if there are any honest reporters left. I told him that maybe, those of us that are not working as journalists anymore?

For sure there is one left: Orson Scott Card.

Read his column and get a grip of the filthy state of the MSM journalism here.

I won't get tired to repeat it: his text should become mandatory study material in journalism schools and should be printed and posted in newsrooms all over the country.

It's the touchable proof that the 4th power have sold its soul.

I can only pray that it is not too late to get her back.

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