Nov 26, 2008

La noticia del día --UPDATE


Sean Penn needs a crash course on hidden microphones.
Será socotroco, o sólo se hace?

* * *

Raúl Castro wants to meet with Obama in a neutral place. (Here is in English)

And Sean Penn is the messenger, who is, by the way, a Chávez admirer. (You know the saying... dime con quién andas y te diré quien eres).

It's a news about a no-news, because it has been said before that this could be logic next step to follow...but I need a decoder here... pronto. Dehumanization? Really? (I wonder if Penn is talking about the dehumanization that independent journalists and librarians, human rights activist and the wifes of political prisoners suffer in Cuba...)

Anyway, with this mesage, are we talking about something like Carlos Alberto's Montaner approach, or are we just germinating the seeds for the next bailout?

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