Nov 20, 2008

The missing chapter in my economy's class

It's no secret that I'm for freedom in all aspects of human life, including business, economics, market, trade, career choices, toilet paper choices, etc, etc, etc.

Being no expert in economic issues, IMHO, with all its pros and cons, capitalism it's proven to be the best choice.

The simple differences that I've observed in my life for the past seven years and my previous life in a failed society built over a useless chimera and a bunch of corrupted crap, is my hard core evidence.

That's why I was recently reminded of the concepts I was taught in my economy's classes back there, in el terruño. (According to that curriculum, capitalism is evil; it's like the Devil that is watching over our shoulder from 90 miles north... despite the fact that, indeed, we were always being watched, but but those noble saviours that came to bring us our salvation in 1959.)

Today I know better because I have the freedom to choose, to compare and to draw my own conclusions --although I am deeply concerned that I might be very well in the path of losing it...

And, for good or for bad, now I've freely learned that, even within freedom, you have to be always aware of those trying to mess up its core values, devoted to stand for middle (and very prone to corruption) terms such as crony capitalism.

After reading Newt Gringrich's colum at Human Events I have come to terms with the fact that the basis of our freedom as society are being placed in peril because of politicians engaging in "predatory practices".

They are jeopardizing the basis of all the freedoms we have had in this country by trying to mess up the normal dynamic between the free market and the rule of law.

Do not get me wrong on this; (federal) government intervention is always needed and justified in specific situations such as national security, a natural disaster, a public health crisis, wars, etc. But going from there to break the very fine line of that balance is like, jugar con fuego.

Now more than even I'm convinced that freedom comes with a cost, and that every citizen in this country should be vigilant of preserving it, not matter what.

What puzzles me is that I'm not seeing any response from the masses... I wonder if they are being taught in college the same economy class that I received, with a book missing its most important chapter.

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