Dec 23, 2008

Colorado spared from the nation's economic troubles?

Not more.

Previously, Colorado had largely been spared from the nation's economic woes due to its relative housing stability and job growth courtesy of the energy sector.

Face the State is reporting today that the state's budget is short in (la friolera) $604 million.

The state has experienced three straight months of job losses, with 10,600 jobs lost in October alone. Legislators have been predicting the shortfall for quite a while now.

And what does the governor (D-Bill Ritter) decides to do?
Revamp the 2009-2010 budget with 5% of new spending.

I have serious issues with the school where all these guys --including the ones in Washington-- learned to do the Math. (And I am not even a Math person myself!)

Bonus: FTS Humor collage.
Very, very good!

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hissip said...

Yeah, no state can escape from the recession. unfortunately.