Dec 3, 2008


At home, we are animal lovers; with common sense. Have one dog, four birds and tons of fishes in my house; and I'm teaching my dear cubanito to be the same same since he was born.

Always raised with domestic animals --mami and papi have always fell for them too-- I can not simply conceive normal life without them.

My previous two dogs, part of that life that stayed behind when I left my homeland, were abandoned dogs. One little poodle was abandoned by a series of owners that left the island in a row. The big ganadero-mix was picked up by my husband, literally, in the street light 51, in Marianao; he was severely underweight and a walking sack of pulgas, garrapatas y sarna.

That being said (and taking into account that in my wildest dreams, if I ever win the Lotto, I would like to set up a transitional house for battered and needy woman with children and, an animal shelter) I find hard to digest this news about La Sociedad Mundial para la Protección de los Animales (WSPA) offering to help animal in the island battered for three hurricanes.

Do animal deserve that help?
Of course they do!!!

But, hey, what have happened to priorities?
Aren't human beings supposed to be first animals in line?

Wait a minute... human beings there have no problem at all. The government rejected and hand-pick the aid to be "received" by the people, which should mean that they are not that needy after all. See? I'm babbling nonsense here...

I'm with one of the article's commenter: Do the WSPA practice euthanasia? Maybe they could be caring enough and consider to put to sleep the oldest horse in the island, the one that have messed up the animal farm for so many years.

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