Dec 15, 2008

We are freezing in here...

I am talking about this... (earlier, when things were not as cover by the white stuff as they are now)

And about having -9 degrees Farenheit (which is -23 degrees Celcius) at midnight.
Durofríos anyone?
* * * * *

It all started later Saturday, with a windy stuff here and there. Temperature kept dropping during the night, at the same time we received a pretty good chunk of snow around us.

Sunday was below zero --both zeros, the F and the C-- all day.

Today is sunny, we have a beautiful blue sky, but guess what... it's -2 degrees F (-19 degrees C) out there! Ñó! a cualquiera se le congelan las canillas... and it is not dark yet; wait and see how is it around 4 p.m., with no sun left.

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