Dec 8, 2008

Yet another public display of ignorance and idiotic usefullness

This is time in downtown Denver. In the heart of the 16th Street Mall, to be more exact.

Evidently, altitude does not matter, at all. Even in the Mile High City useful idiots proliferate; otherwise, there wouldn't be a need to conduct this type of business:

Side street window display.

Close up of the view from the main entrance. It was taking that shot with my lousy old camera when someone shouted from the inside that I could not take pictures. Duh? Aren't tourists always taking pictures of the places they are visiting?

Main entrance. Please, focus on the details. Take a peek through the opened door. Have at it.
Enjoy the view. And feel free to draw your own conclusions.

1 comment:

Garrincha said...

some find it funny.
should they spend some time in la cabaña, and take'em back in time when el che ruled there.
pretty funny.