Jan 9, 2009

Media bias against Israel?

A suspicious footage of two doctors supposedly doing CPR on a Palestinian boy hurt by Israel's attack has been brought to light in the blogosphere.

Folks, you really don't even need to work in a health care setting to realize, in a nanosecond, that the bog guy on the right is performing what-ever-you-want-to-call-it but CPR.

In Little Green Footballs, one of the sites that broke to story out, a doctor explains why it looks suspiciously fake.

Guilty who?
CNN, for a change, had the video as breaking news.
After the buzz, they removed it and left only a written story.

Since CNN is still covering up the whole thing, I'm following Michelle's steps and posting the video here. (Even though the CNN guys announces it as disturbing, there is not blood or thorn out body or anything like that in the segment).

Journalism integrity.
Era verde y se la comió un chivo.

PD: I've lived, up close and personal, while working as a reporter, the bias media have against Israel. More specifically, during their previous conflict with Hamas. Long live balanced reporting!

H/T to Michelle Malkin

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