Apr 20, 2009

T(ea) Bits

A little bit over here... a little bit over there...
Here are some pics from the Fort Collins Tea Party, held at lunch time on Wed. 04/15/09, in the Washington Park, behind the city hall, all taken by myself with my lousy zillion-years-old camera.
Despite local media reporting that the crowd was "close to 1,000" people, I agree with some of the speakers estimates that 1,500-1,800 people attended.
It was great to see people from all ages, young college students sporting signs against socialism (and boy, if I do agree with them!), families with toddlers, veterans, you name it.
There were several other rallies all over the area(See here, here and here).
Enough is enough.
--no matter what other have to say against it; it seems to be a genuinely grassroots movement where actually a lot of politicians were booed when they tried to take to spotlight.
Your average Joes are voicing their concerns, and that is a good sign that not all is already lost. Heavily inflated yes, but totally lost? May be not.

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