Jun 20, 2009

Colorado's Iranian community rallied against regimen

The Iranian community in Colorado and its supporters rallied this morning in the steps of Denver's capitol building, to protest against the fraudulent election results.

Rocky Mountain Right has more photos of the rally.

Hot Air (English) and Penultimos Dias (Spanish) are keeping up with updates of the tumultous situation in Iran today. Refresh the pages frequently.

There is a live stream from Tehran here. (There are some idiots linking the signs in English protesters are using with the CIA influence... Duh?! Their language is Farsi and Arabic, they have been Tweetering the information, English is the language most known in the rest of the world... Hellooooo!!!)

Overheard today:

"... this people (Iranian current government) are going nuclear and want to wipe us completely... the Koreans would love to nuke us... none of this would have a chance to happen if we had a Republican administration..."

Ditto. The current administration is currently very busy spending money like there is not tomorrow and trying to shove down out throats their "solutions" to fix the health care - among a whole bizarre set of extreme leftist moves aimed to dramatically increase the government take over of our lives.

I wonder who would care about health care, failed banks or inefficient and union-dominated automakers when if these people erase the US from the map. There won't be any of us around here anymore to buy Priuses or have a mammogram...

But I guess that is just my wicked set of priorities, right?

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Juju said...

Amen chica! Amen! Honestly I'm amazed how the wizard likes to distract his followers.