Jun 23, 2009

Looking out through my (Microsoft) window

It's a window that gives you a whole lot bigger picture of things going on out there that what anyone would want to digest in a 48 hours period.

The green avatar for Neda is everywhere in the net. She is being called the Angel of Iran. She was a beautiful young woman; what a terrible loss. The voice of The Green Revolution.

The constant feed of the events going on in Iran. Go here (06/22) here (06/23) for a multi-language round-up. Another protest is being planned for tomorrow.
Having lived in Libya and being familiar with the culture and set of values of this part of the world, I am concerned that it is going to be a bloodbath.
Thanks to Tweeter - one more time - we learn about contrasts.
Iranian dissidents are taking on against POTUS soft "I do; but I don't" stance - and we can not blame them.
Meanwhile, Iranians of all ages are being killed and/or injured in the protests.
In the Old Continent, Ernesto posts the third part of his thoughts on why Cubans should pay attention to what is happening in Iran: because at the end, it's about the same; about individual freedom struggling with fanaticism, censorship, repression, the adoption of double standards in order to survive, and the survival of the individual under a totalitarian regimen.
On the other hand, the exiled son of the late shah of Iran, Reza Pahlavi, has issued a warning. If POTUS is not listening, well, it could be just because he doesn't want to.
Before closing my window, very timely, I just found this story about a little president who wasn't there...
There are days when the view from my computer's little window it is simply too overwhelming. In order to keep some mental sanity, a lock down time must be established.
This tired Cubanita it out.

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