Jun 24, 2009

Update on "The unavoidable parallel"

An English version of the essay "Why the Iran's Revolution Matters to Cuba", by Ernesto H.B (Penúltimos Días) is posted in RealClearWorld. Have at it.

Gateway Pundit is following the Iran's saga with photos of the brutality against protesters. Unfortunately, Val is right: in Cuba there has never been protests like this, where people are willingly taking risks for their freedom or their fellow countrymen.

Two months ago, I had higher hopes to the contrary. Unfortunately, I just learned I was dead wrong.

How can I explain it? Cubans have been broken down by a Machiavellian combination of repression, brainwashing, censorship and sense of hopelessness. Sadly, it is so bizarre and cruel that one can only realize it when you are able to escape that hellhole.

They are just walking the walk because nothing has happened so far that could erase their existence from the face of earth.

It might sound fatalistic and it might be a generalization where a lot of exceptions could exist; but it is what you read in their faces. Eyes don't lie; trust me.

That's the sad picture in the faces of the average Cubans, while standing in the P-3 bus stop, in the line to get the daily bread, while walking in the sidewalks... and I, honestly, still have a hard time understanding...

Broken down.
And it breaks your heart when you see it, up close and personal.

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Juju said...

I've never heard it put that way but it's true.
It's like broken spirits.
Makes me think of the Native Americans.