Jul 30, 2009

An award presentation to Cuban American actor Andy Garcia that I've never seen; and that everybody should see

I didn't know Andy Garcia was awarded, last year, by The Independent Institute, the Alexis de Tocqueville Award (along with Archbishop Desmond Tutu and entrepreneur William K. Bowes, Jr.)

Alvaro Vargas Llosa made an outstanding speech on Cuba, its history, how ended up under the boot of a 50 year long communist dictatorship and Andy's lifetime devotion to spread the word of Cuba's reality.

A history lesson you won't find in your regular college classroom, nor mainstream book.

For any Cuban in exile it is a heartbreaking experience where you'd go back to feel the same wreck of emotions you feel when you see The Lost City and Arturo Sandoval's movie, also starred by Andy.

Grab a box of Kleenex. Or two, or three.
Learn about the value of liberty; and vow your life to never take it for granted.

I was also surprised to learn that after a 16 years ordeal, it was the Telluride Film Festival, right here on my Rocky Mountains backyard, who opened the door to such an excellent film.

Right here, in an area where most people are totally clueless about what's going on 90 miles south of the Florida Keys. Unbelievable.

(Now I have a strong reason to look up for the festival... I can't even remember when was the last time I went to the movies).

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Anonymous said...

I watched Andy's speech here:
in the Independent Institute event. It is the most moving speech I have ever seen. I thought he would cried and he tried hard to hold back his tears. I can't believe Bill Murray would go to Cuba. It seems that they have different views. It is sad to me that most people in the world (esp. in the US, they think Cuba is OK and they don't know how the Cuban people are suffering.