Jul 2, 2009

Slapping POTUS' face; no speeches needed

Sign reads: We are not Chávez's puppets)
This photo says it all. It's from El Nuevo Herald article on the interim government decision to suspend some constitutional guaranties in order to regulate protests.
Rolando Dubon, congressman from the Liberal Party - Manuel Zelaya's own party - explains (my own translation):
"This is being done (because) there is a risk that there are many people from other countries in Honduras, and there is the concern that they could try actions against the citizenry and the new government," although he didn't gave more details about the presence of foreigners.
People I know with relatives in Honduras have been telling me that it's vox populi the fact that many Venezuelans are organizing protests pro-Zelaya in Honduras territory.
And knowing myself who Chávez and his thugs coaches on public demonstrations are ... should I connect the dots?

The Drudge Report posted this Reuter's story on Honduras resisting pressure from everywhere - including the US administration - to allow Zelaya's return. Double standard, anyone?

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Juju said...

Wow. I'm speechless. That last sign is pretty compelling.