Aug 14, 2009

Flag yourself!

Hello, fishy people out there!

Still worried about our current administration recent request to snitch out every body we hear talking against their health care reform proposal?

Should we start with the .pdf link from the health care reform legislation they want to shove, as it is, down to our throats? Don't know about your, but it seems pretty fishy to me...

But, no more worries! Go there and flag yourself!

If you need more stress release, join the FB group "Report my Dad to President Obama"; no matter whether your Dad is a rabid Cuban American mafioso from Miami or not.

Now, any coincidence with the half-century tactics of the Committees for the Defense of the Revolution back there in the island-gulag it is just a random coincidence.

And any similitude with the request I received from the Young Communist's Union representative all through my school years there it is merely the result of your fishy, sick, twisted imagination!

Yep! Facts, are, indeed, very stubborn entities.

H/T to Pajamas Media and Michelle Malkin

1 comment:

Juju said...

Bravo! Bravo! Bravo!
I love Crowder, Zo, Malkin!
The guy with the dog cracked me up.