Sep 23, 2009

Gird your loins, the best is still to come

Seems like a tax, reads like an excise tax and sucks like tax, but it is not a tax - because HE says so - even though you know it is a tax. Still following me here?

Philip Klein, at The American Spectator, explains why.

The POTUS tet-a-tet with George Stephanopoulos last Sunday was, simply put, just that. Who would have imagined it! I mean, it was in the ALL Barack Channel (ABC) after all...

The course of this interview - which I didn't see because, again, I rather spend quality time with friends - leads me to believe that the president does not have a genuine desire to hear any other suggestion but the ones that fit his goal.
When someone switch gears when faced with direct questions, diverts the focus and engages into bogus comparisons - like the state-mandated auto insurance vs federal-mandated health insurance - even when talking to journalists that have bent to them like the MSM has done with Barack Obama, what are you left with?

Social engineering and the statist's political orgasm:
we are all subnormal human beings, unable to know what is good or bad for us and to stupid to make our own decisions; ergo, with need a supreme and dear leader to tell us what to do.

[ADD moment here: once upon a time, I lived in a land where the dear leader also decided for me; from the of pounds of rice I was supposed to eat, to the major I should follow in college, to the number of sanitary napkins that I would need in a month - no irregular gals allowed!]

Therefore, the whole thing about the healthy debate (along with the dirty attacks against every thing and every body that does not follow the dear leader's lead) is just smoke and mirrors.

Disclaimer: any similarity with the philosofies behind castro, chavez and et al is just a coincidence and the result of your sick, twisted and freaked imagination.

I can only hope that Obama notice one of the big elephants standing in his room, that huge pachiderm called Constitution that has no plans to leave... because a whole lot of people is noticing it, including, for the first time, the independents and moderate/fiscal conservatives democrats (the latter being in the brink of extinction) that put him on the job hoping he would be a pragmatic centrist.

An eight-point swing in just two months.
Ooops! I'm afraid they will need to request a refund on that purchase!

H/T Michelle Malkin

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