Sep 25, 2009

Senate voted, and transparency died... for the 1,000 000 000 000 time

Cartoon by Michael Ramírez at IBD

Did you really though this was going to be the most transparent administration in history?
Sure. And I have pink unicorns flying on my backyard.

Wednesday, the Senate Finance Committee on Wednesday voted 12 to 11 against allowing two weeks for the Congressional Budget Office perform cost analysis of the Baucus health care bill, and refused the request to put in online on its original wording.

They just agreed to post online a "conceptual" version of the bill; which basically means that they will interpret the legislation wording for us.

Remember the Statist's political orgasm?
We're a just too subnormal, stupid and illiterate human beings to read the bill and draw our own conclusions.

Obviously, they are giving this notion their own extra push, by writing and approving 1,000-pages laws that they can't even read completely before voting on them.

Now, to add insult to injury, just read the IBD article that also contain details on the the gag order against Humana, for telling their own customers the new law could reducing their benefits.

Oh, boy! We're in the road to our own self-destruction. First amendment rights, anyone? Pretty soon, they will be only in the museums...

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