Oct 19, 2009

Really? But, but... we've told you so!

Any human being with at least two-working neurones should know by now that in this life, anything in excess could be harmful.

Case example today:
excessive wishful thinking - or should I say plain unwillingness to see the reality - and the futile exercises of mental self-satisfaction that many people engage on when it comes to Cuba; including the current US president.

A few days ago, with all due fanfare, what is left of the MSM in this country announced that the US would ease telecoms companies access to Cuba. The small caps disclaimer was that the approval from the communist government was still pending.

A small company from Florida, BTW, was awarded the first authorization to start the optic fiber installation to Cuba:

"Cuba is the only country in the Americas that is not connected with the rest of the nations through an optic fiber cable. Instead, they rely on expensive satellite connections. Even though an optic fiber cable could substantially lower the cost of the phone calls, the rates would be determined by the Cuban government, who can also implement restrictions to access the Internet," reported the El Nuevo Herald story. [My own free translation here]

Err, nope; instant Internet access to Cuban blogger Yoani Sanchez and 11 million of Cuban living under censorship was not mentioned. At. All.

C'Mon, censorship and keeping people ignorant goes hand to hand with totalitarian regimens. Didn't POTUS knew that one?

Along came Monday and the Castro's regimen shut the door on Obama's face answering there will be no deal with US telecoms.

This takes me to question a few issues of principles:

The Obama admin knew how the whole thing works with the Castro's government prerogatives mentioned above, in bold. Ergo, the Obama admin does not care about Cubans' access to Internet or lower telephone rates.

Then, all I can see is a lousy act of flirting with the Cuban tyranny, knowingly that the average Cuban would not be benefit from it.

As expected by us - those Cubans born and raised under Castro's communist rule who, by default, should know a thing or two better than your average Harvard-educated president-in-the-making - the tropical dictatorship rebuffed the initiative that would have opened the island to better cell phone and Internet service.

My question is: did anybody in his/her sane mind really thought that the Castros gives a damn crap about improving the telephone and Internet access to their slaves?

I mean, like, really?

The Cuban government - who, in case you've forgotten, owns all business and property in the island - has been doing the money of their lives with the excessive rates to phone calls in/out of Cuba.

Whoever seriously thought they would give up that source of income, just like that, for the well being of Cubans and their families abroad, was simply engaging in yet another excessive and futile act of failed mental political self-satisfaction.

Or else, I am breeding pink unicorns in my backyard.

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Liz Hiden said...

Greetings! I just came across your blog page for the first time, as I also found Yoani Sanchez’s, and Alberto De La Cruz's page. I am trying to contact all three of you.

Forgive my ignorance of how this all works as I am just getting into blog pages now. My name is Liz Hiden, and my Husband’s name is James Hiden. We are both 42 years of age, and born and raised in the USA all our lives. My Husband is a Deputy Sheriff for Palm Beach County, and I am a stay-at-home Mom, and we have two little girls, Hayley 7, and Taylor 5. We live in Port St. Lucie, Florida, about 2 hours North of Miami. We are church goers and always lean on a conservative slant.

I don’t know how or when it happened, but over the past summer, I became interested in brushing up on my knowledge about Cuba. Whatever knowledge I did have was just that Castro was a Dictator. I really did not realize the extent and details of the history. So, I researched articles….even the false, sympathizing pro-Castro ones, read books (probably not enough), and watched many videos on the internet.

With what is happening in the US today, I see huge similarities between Obama and Castro! I was always a registered Republican. My Husband switched to “Independent”, and I will do the same.

My interest in Cuba brings very sincere feelings from my heart. My heart is indeed broken for many years of this anguish, manipulation, and brokenness Fidel Castro and his cronies and thugs have brought to the Cuban people. I always, every day, am looking, searching, for some way to get involved and help. When I was in Miami the other day for an appointment, after we were done, me and my two Daughters drove around Little Havana, Miami for the first time. I don’t know why, but I could have stayed there for days. I do not know quite what I was looking for, but maybe if I can get in touch with the bloggers, you may know a direction I can go that would help somehow, someway.

My Husband and I have a web site called http://www.slunged.com
From there, you can contact us.

We would love to use it to help in someway. You can post articles (or give us permission to), or spread the word. What ever we can do.
Thank you.
Liz Hiden! :)