Nov 25, 2009

On going rogue, coicidences and great minds thinking alike...

My dear friend Marta, from My Big Fat Cuban Family, frequently tells me that "great minds think alike". And so true is this that last night, between FB exchanges, we realized we are both reading the same book. Again.

This is the third time in a row. It happened with "Liberty and Tyranny". It happened with "The 5000 Years Leap". And it happened again. Trust me, I don't believe in coincidences.

This time it was Sarah Palin's "Going Rogue", which I picked up at my local library last night, on my way home from work.

And I even had people at the library parking lot asking me how I got in the top of the waiting list to request the book. Not that I had any backstage connection, you know. It was probably good timing and that they probably acquired more than one copy...

Yes. Strangers talking about a book from a hockey Mom that changed the paradigm in the presidential campaign, that is shaking the liberal skeleton of this nation, that has become the worse nightmare of the US wannabe-corrupt-radical-communist-at-heart president, and has stepped up to the plate for what feminism really is: woman's freedom to choose.

Last night at the dinner table, my father, recently arrived from Cuba, enthusiastically asked: "Did you buy Sarah Palin's book?". "No Dad, this is borrowed from the library, but as I always do, if I like it, I already have it in my shopping cart on Amazon, so I'll buy it."

I immediately grabbed the opportunity to explain him how the MSM has played such a dirty role since Palin became the VP nominee for McCain, and how the media have consistently "gang raped" her and her family in public, in an unprecedented fashion that this country never saw before, with no political candidate whatsoever. Shameful, we both agreed.

Then I stumbled upon this masterful piece from American Thinker "The wilding of Sarah Palin", posted at Babalu Blog: the symbolic political rape of Sarah Palin the Marxist, radical, corrupt and communist left of this country is conducting, on a daily basis, and with the green light from the White House.

I agree; now everything makes senses.
Palin's political rape make one thing clear: we are not dealing with naive, tree huggers, useful idiots leftists anymore.

They have all shown their true faces of radical Marxists that don't believe a crap of woman's rights if it doesn't fit their sicko agenda.

The only thing I wish is that she really knew how much we, women and Americans at large, need her in the future of this country - if there is any hope left to don't lose it forever.

It was this hope on her which brought me to HillBuzz, an interesting and out of the ordinary blog written by a group of gay men in Boystown, Chicago, faithful followers of Hillary Clinton, outraged by the way the Democratic Party dealt with her candidacy, staunch critics of The Messiah (Dr. Utopia), Democrats who supported McCain/Palin after Hillary was out, and yes, fellow supporters of Sarah Palin.

See? This is what scares the living hell out of these Marxists perpetrators that are trying to hunt Palin alive.

The woman is able to bring together people from all walks for life, with all sort of political views, putting aside our disagreements on specific issues to unite for under one higher goal: common sense and the simple difference between doing the right thing, or doing the wrong one.

BONUS: The extraordinary thank you letter the boys at HillBuzz wrote directly to former President George W. Bush and former First Lady Laura Bush, on the days of the terrorist massacre at Fort Hood. Again, no matter the differences and disagreements, it is a simple fact of doing the right thing and being honorable.