Dec 21, 2009

Senate sold us out. Welcome to the United Socialists States of America

It is time we stop using the word "honorable" when addressing anybody in the Senate.

Not. One. Single. Senator. Deserves. To. Be. Called. "Honorable".
Not after the midnight, weekend, back-door dirty deals they engaged on to have the 60 votes needed for the Senate to pass the healthcare reform bill.

Grab as many barf bags as you can. The more we dig in the weekend back door dirty deal the Senate used to sell us out on the fake healthcare reform bill they approved, the more we're gonna need them.

Have any idea where can we run and hide from these socialists' thugs? Shoot me a an address in the comments' section.I am kind of ready to pack my bags.

The list of pay-off and deals senators accepted  at midnight on a weeked, in return to give their vote to approve this legislation that does nothing to solve the problems we actually have in healthcare and does everything to allow the goverment to grab 17% of the US economy could merit a cardiac arrest to anyone in America - not only young actress Brittany Murphy, R.I.P.

DemCare = Treachery.

Chris Dodd? - Sold out for 100 million.
Bill Nelson? - Sold out for another 100 million.

For an entire list of the dirty deals, see here. For a liveblogging chronological description of the dirty deals held yesterday at the Senate chamber, read here. And there is a second part of the list...

This is what your "elected" Prince Reid and Pelosi are in DC for: to exchange your taxpayers dollars for the 60 votes they needed  to get 17% of the US economy under federal government control.

And, in case you were wondering, Reid's healthcare bill STILL requires monthly abortion fee; whether you agree with abortion or not.

Here is the voice of a rural Nebraska family physician who calls out Ben Nelson exactly for what he is; "a  socialist-coddling coward", which has nothing to do with "honorable", BTW.

Meanwhile, the CBO continues correcting their estimates on the costs; and the farse of "where I said Digo, I actually said Diego" has no end.

To use WSJ editorial's words: this bill is so reckless, that had to be rammed through on a partisan vote in Christmas eve. Simply put, Change Nobody Believes In

Our healthcare, the best in the world despite its glitches, is being stolen again. Only by different grinches.

No wonder David Axelrod disregards the wishes of a majority of Americans because he calls their views, "an anomaly" in the health care debate.
Are you among the 60% of Americans who opposed the healthcare reform as presented so far.
You are abnormal.
You. Are. Not. Important.
Your will does not count.

Obama and his cronies has only one goal: to fundamentally change the way America operates. And, to that intent, if they get Obamacare, DemCare and et al, they get everything.

I just ask my fellow Americans: What have we become? What have we allow to happened to this country, under the excuse of punish a previous failed - highly questionable evaluation, BTW - administration? What have we done?

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I heard. I'm heart broken. God help us.