Jan 19, 2010

Trucking for the winner...

because I believe he will take it all.

By now, most common sense Americans are stuck to their TV's, computers and smartphones following the elections in Massachussets where the former Ted Kennedy's Senate seat might be returned to THE PEOPLE, or sunk forever in the Dems' bus that is leading this country directly to socialism.

The Massachussets Miracle, The Uniter, The Game Changer. Scott Brown is all that - and more ;-)

Brown, the Republican candidate, has grown a huge platform of centrists, moderates, conservatives, indies and even democrat & SEIU supporters that have been rallying for him in Twitter and Facebook, and with small donations monies.

Early today, his hashtag, @scottbrownma started trending in Twitter and trust me, it is going viral. If you want to have real time updates on what's going on, it is Twitter where you have to go (Disclaimer: no, Twitter is not paying me for the endorsement, and I proud Twittera, I know first hand ;-)

Talking about taking our country back, one hashtag at a time...

Legal Insurrection is live blogging the election.
Michelle Malkin & Big Government at following the tracks of potential frauds...

How "bad" could this be when WH press secretary Gibbs says Obama is not happy, Barney Frank talks about changing Senate voting rules in case Brown gets elected and The Boston Globe - oh! the imparciality of the MSM! - posted online "premature" election results giving the victory, of course, to Martha Cloakey

And us, poor mortals that don't vote in Taxassuchetts, are trucking for the winner.

Remember when President Obama mocked at Scott Brown for driving a truck - a GMC made by the automaker virtually owned by the US government, thus, whose virtual CEO is Obama himself?

So, I'm joining the Americans wearing BROWN today, and those trucking for Scott Brown. This Cuban mom over here settled down last year with a Dodge Grand Caravan minivan because I need to tote kids around for the years to come. But, in my wildest dreams, this is the truck that I will own:

On a closing note, while young adults are carrying Republicans to victory, the stock market is getting happy: healthcare stocks are getting up!


Have at it.

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