Feb 16, 2010

My 2010 self-proclaimed karma

It has taken me about a month to rise from the bumpy road that I had to travel through end of last year and the begining of 2010 - oh!,and there is so much promise for this year!

But I have finally come up with a "get-in-your-face" reminder list to bang my head against on those really tought days one can have. And I just posted it in my office.

(Thank you, Marta, for the timely reminder ;-)

I guess I just have to remember one single detail:
There is another year ahead, full of surprises, challenges and hapiness.
You just need to ... smile again :-D
(Yeah, I know, I'm Leo, with some traces of OCD)


Sass said...

LOVE it! I'm a Leo too :)

Cubanita said...

See! Let's paraphrase Marta and get a "sandpapering moment here": great minds think alike!
Thanks for stopping by ;-)