Feb 22, 2010

WH being acussed of federal crime in Michael Bennet's race

The bombshell exploded - via The American Spectator and it seems than thanks to Democrats. 

And the crap is hitting Michael Bennet's fan in Colorado due to the bribe the White House tried to give Andrew Romanoff, in the form of a job at the Department of the Interior, so that he wouldn’t run against doomed Democrat Michael Bennett in the Colorado primary. 

The Denver Post covered the story back in September 2009.

Gosh, how I miss the Rocky Mountain News!

For the Philadelphia BOGO offer, read here
Double gulp.

Weren't you dying for the lack of hopeandchange and got a Chicago thug in the White House to later hand him all branches of power?

Miguelito, maybe the Tea Party won't even need to go after you in 2010 after all!


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